max lenght of a training session?

lkh wrote: "Charlie’s peaking workout (4X30/80/100/120/150) takes 2 hours plus a warmup of 1 hour minimum".

I feel a one hour warm up is too long for a training session. Particularly for athletes who are working full time/athlete part time. An athlete should be able to warm up adequately for max velocity running in 40 mins.

With the warm up and main component, ie: 6 x 60’s or 2 x 60’s/2 x 80’s. The whole session should take around 1h 30m.

I totally agree the warmup for part time athletes should be done in about 30mins, my man lkh love to have those long workouts. :wink:

Or move to where i live - other than winter time, its very warm, takes minimal time to warm up, esp in summer. In between efforts in summer you don’t try to keep warm here, you try to cool down…

Unless of course that is if you are tight for some reason, then warm ups take a long time - up to 45min

Never take me more then 30mins even during meet day, i tend to move pretty fast during the warmup.

From CFTS page 108 (about the 10 day peaking workout):

Very long warm-up (one hour minimum)

See various comments by PJ talking about a two hour warmup before races (or Olu, at least).

HSI warmup (from John Smith’s presentation at the High Performance Summit last year):

10 X 100M; Run the straights and walk the turns
-Flexibility for 15 to 20 min
-3x60m EZ acceleration
-3x20m A skips into a 20m acceleration
-3x20m B skips into a 20m acceleration
-3x20m Run A’s into a 20m acceleration
-3x60m acceleration from a 3 point stance.

Now how long do you think the HSI warmup takes? It all depends on your performance level. The faster you are, the longer it takes to warmup safely, and the more performance you get from a longer warmup.

Thats kool still dont change my mind, unless you are elite I dont see the point in warming up for 2hrs and 10.3 isnt elite.

Those warm ups would serve as a workout for most athletes on this site I bet.

I think 35-45 minutes should be optimal to get an athlete ready if you’re not screwing around in the warm up. Now, if you’re running very fast elite level times, then let’s get the warm up 1 hour or more. Obviously it takes much longer to get warmed up for that kind of speed.

Is there any chance to have linked that John Smith presentation?I remember seeing it, but have no idea where.
Thanks a lot.

What about if an athlete lives in extremely humid climates with temperatures that often reach 90+ degrees? Would even a 30min warmup be necessary?

It would be…at least you need to rest more btwn drills and build ups…

The warm-up should be the same for speed work in training as in a meet to eliminate variables. If you only need 40m for your warm-up for speed in practice, it should be the same for a meet.
Actual workout body time depends on what you’re doing. SE might be 20 to 45min with two runs and the rest of the time used up by recovery between the reps.

I thing for optimal results you have a rest between speed workout and weight workout,because after your speed workout you not have big energie resurs and your weight training not be a very good,for me you need time to recovery between two workouts,and what is this 1 hour for warming up,gays what you do 1 hour?MY warm up is maximum 30-40min i do 4x100,different drills 6 sets for 30-40m,3x60m accelerations,flexibility…this is only warm up it is?

Man during gpp my workouts have pushed into the 4-5 hour range. Including the drive to the hill or track. then the drive to the gym, and the talking.
hills+med ball+weights =3.5 with the drive added in for another 30

What is an optimal result?? Workouts blend into each other, so you have the sprint, then weights, then… etc. So the question now becomes, is it better to maximise weights after speed, or is it better to go with the “full glass” theory, which is that you do the weights that are possible based on what has already been done on the track? This goes back to the basic question of how strength is achieved. Do weights make you better on the track or do high quality track sessions improve your lifts and those lifts set up a stimulus that benefits the next track session?.
If you can, get the weights lecture series from the site store to get the full picture.

I want just ask something,my question is if i do track and imediatly i do weight how i will recovery?For me the track training is more important and i want to recovery good after track,tell me if you can?How you training with Ben,because Ben is one of the most powerfull sprinter he have very good muscles and very big strenght?Thank you very much Charlie :cool:

More you train, more you need recovery… Nutrition suplements, enough sleep, massage If you are not profesional athlete, you can’t duplicate pro training… You must train in smart way… :cool:

We talking with Charlie for this how the weights make help you on the track,i mean how maximum lifting make help you and really need a full energie recovery after track training to lift the weights imediatly after track.If you have a rest between track training and weight training,you recovery and make lift weights strongly but how this help you on the track the next day and really weights help you on the track?Allan Wells not lift the weights but have 100m PB10.11 I thing…!?.Nutritional,massage,ice bath and suplements are very important for good recovery I know this!!!

That is why the weights are planned around the sprints. You take more of an autoreg approach within each training session. Whatever energy is left from the track is devoted to weights, but always ensure that you use them stimulate for the next next session. In other words, you would plan for a specific goals throughout a mesocycle and the microcyles within it, however when it comes to the specifc training sessions wihtin those microcycles, the work performed is determined by what took place on the track.

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There can be some big advantages to doing weights straight after speed. For example my personal experiences are:

After short sprints 30-50m, weights feel lighter & I will use the oppurtunity to push the weights up to higher levels.

After special endurance 200-300m X 2, weights feel CRAP, legs are shaking etc, so I go very easy.

After tempo weights are at normal levels.