Maurice's shoes on fire!

The highlight somehow made it’s way to sportscenter here, I must admit that it was pretty funny and quite original. I hope we see him … or anyone … run fast this year.

He won in 9.86w BTW.

And he looked good in doing it! I didn’t see what the wind reading was and how aided the run actually was, but he looked so smooth in the second half of the race!

Looks like Maurice Greene is back. If he wins this year it will be historic. Repeating in the 100 meters is a very rare thing.

I wish that Ato Boldon was running well. I hope he recovers in time.

I thought that was funny as hell! It’s good to see Mo running well again.

guys the wind was just over 4mps!!! 9.8 with a 4tail equates to a still 10.1/10.2 at 0mps.he ain’t the man yet.he should have run that hose over his head to cool off.i like MG but he ain’t the athlete he used to be.he ain’t the man for athens and you all can quote me on that

video of the race, quality is terrible but you get the picture.

after seeing the calamity at the end its very funny.looked good though

Who’s faster this year?

If you think Mo won’t win in Athens, who will?

i dunno though mo hasn’t ran an allout 100m yet this year same as in mtsac he just coasted in the last 20m cause he was so far out infront. I personally feel he’s looking damn good this year.

That video is hella funny. Is that Larry Wade with the extuingisher? He looks to be running well this year too.

Shawn Crowford run 9.86s last week don´t ya ?

I don´t understand one thing about Mo Greene…
i saw Mo´s event pictures at Getty Image Site and he looks puffy.
So, why he doesn´t get a little thin and run faster ? I guess he could do this…

I think Maurice is taking a cue from Terrell Owens

Yeah thats Larry Wade, who ran a 13.12 in the hurdles race which is also pretty smoking if you ask me.