Maurice Greene's Training Regimen

Here is a sample of Maurice Greene’s training regimen that I read along time ago, I had bookmarked it and just now bumped up on it while checking through my bookmarks. So just incase it hasnt been posted here before, here it is:

Maurice Greene trainingsschema

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Note from Elliott: This is an excerpt from a posting by IP to the Ato Boldon forum.

Mo’s training regimen
Mark, this has got to be In-season training, cuz its very similar to Ato’s inseason…not to much recovery wise for strength base training. For Mo’s off season, I would split this over 3 days.
Tues and Thurs…Upper Body (no more than a minute rest between sets)

Bench Press…5 X 10, 8, 6, 6, 6
Incline DB Press…3 X 15
Rear Delt DB Flyes…3 X 15
Straight-Arm-Front DB raises…3 X 10
Arm Running motion with DBs…4 X 4 (15 lbs, 10 second burst, 30 sec rest)
Dumbell Curls…3 X 15 (45 lbs, alternating arms)
Lat Pull Downs…3 X 10 (wide grip)
Dumbell Shrugs…3 X 10
Mondays and Fridays…Lower Body
Squats…4 X 10, 8, 6, 3 (each rep is held at the bottom for 5 seconds, then explodes up)
Power Cleans…5 X 3 (start at bottom in deadlift position, snatch BB up top chest, drop the BB back down on floor)
OR, Clean/Front Squats…5 X 5 (start same as power clean, snatch weight to chest, then squat. Dont do squats or cleans when including this exercise)
Single Leg Curls…3 X 10
Single Leg Extentions…3 X 10
Drive Phase Training: Fridays, after weight room and track.
Run stadium steps
Hop Up stadium steps (run down)
Lunge stadium steps (lung 2-3 steps at a time, run down)
Bounding (8 hurdles)
Sandbox bounding
Striding (3 sets of 30 strides)
Wed: no weight room; Track only work.

Heres Mo’s Meal schedule Mark
Breakfast-9 am, oatmeal, protein drink with fruit
AFter Weight room-12:30 pm protein drink
After Track-3 pm, protein drink
Dinner-6 pm, chicken breasts, veggies
Desert-Protein drink
before bed-10 pm, protein drink.
*Mo only eats 2 squares a day…ideal for sprinter, plus supplementing with plenty of protein.
some good quotes from John Smith “…sprinters need a lot more muscle than long distance runners…the shorter the dash, the more muscular the runner needs to be…” Smith immediately started Greene in the weight room to add the needed muscle to carry him to the world class level. Maurice came to HSI at 155, and now weighs about 175. “…one of the primary purposes of weight training for sprinters is to train the nerveous system to produce power while still experiencing fatigue… more body strength, power and bodyweight is REQUIRED to propel the body forward and sustain the speed across the finish line…”
This article is one of the best on Greene that I have seen in a long time. great training pics and good 3-4 page article. I’ll get back to you on MJ’s if you want later on Mark. To much to go into on this message. Hope this helps…remember, dont follow this unless you’re in season. Use this routine on a 2 on-2 off split, or a mon, wed, fri weight room split for base strenght trainging. And do track work on tues, Thrus, and Sat. Or split it up by doing track work on upper body days. I can give you MY workout split if you like Mark. Mine is more suitable for me, but I’d be willing to go over it with you. Whats your current routine?

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