Maurice greene in dancing with the starts

What do you think ? :slight_smile:

The boy can move!! He was enjoying that! you could tell from his face! yes Mo!

I kept expecting his tongue to make an appearance! :stuck_out_tongue:

silencer, is that a deliberate typo in the thread topic?? :wink:

hell if i know i’m not an english speaker :slight_smile: learned a few words from the internet thats about it

Me too. It looked like he was having trouble dorsi-flexing in those shoes :).

Sapp and Greene in the Finals baby!! Im calling it!


hes got my vote. one can see, just from watching him on danceing with the stars, that he posses basically all the characteristics of what charlie has stated to be associated with with an elite sprinter/ efficient CNS. he is bouncy, flamboyant, and has a natural cockiness to him. btw, does anybody know where that thread was regarding that topic?


personally i’m thinking…how sad! foxtrot greene. still talking S*** though.