Matt Hasselback in SI

Gte the magazine for free. Here the QB for the Seahawks uses that vibration plate for lunges, squats, and pushups. Any worth in this thing? Some people can stand on a swiss ball but have little power or carryover. I mean if Madonna uses it, come on, it has to be good.

Sure it’s just not promoting the product?

Swiss ball “stands” as I’m going to call them as of now, is all balance. It wouldn’t have much carryover because it’s not a strength/explosive exercise.

I don’t know anything about vibration plates, but…GO HAWKS! :smiley:

Vibration plate work is not meant to be done while performing a dynamic movement. Also it is very different than swiss ball work(Which only has a potential application for rehab, clearly not in improving performance imo.) As for whether it ‘works’ or not, there is still alot of debate.