Caught this on youtube, there is part 1,2 and 3. They use nearly all of Charlies work from GPP Essentials and the Vancouver download. Just wondering if permission was sought. She seems to be passing this off as her own work. Or at least not mentioning the source of her information. Just curious.

I definitely recognize those graphs.

I do see a source of some sort at the bottom of the slide at 10:49. It reads as follows:

GPP, Key Concepts Elite Edition
Review Forum

thats only plageurism if it hasnt been payed for or permission wasn’t granted to use… I don’t assume to know if that’s the case, maybe they did clear it with Ange …maybe not

I believe the graph from Key Concepts has been shown on this forum. The phase III of triple periodization has been discussed on here. However, I believe the entire period of the video between 11:45 and 13:30 (short to long and long to short) constitutes a violation of the copyright for the pdf handouts that go with Vancouver or Edmonton

I can’t believe that someone would present a seminar almost entirely based on someone else’s work, without acknowledging the source. At no point is there mention of Charlie Francis. Even the footnote of GPP, Key Concepts Elite Edition Review Forum, you wouldn’t know it was Charlies work without being a member of this forum or having bought the products.

I haven’t looked at the masters training piece being discussed, however, in reference to Charlie not being credited: I have personally encountered my own accounts of this fact as well as gained 2nd hand knowledge of it occurring in more than one ELITE international program to the extent that the coach(es) walked around with print outs of Charlie’s programs and graphs.

Ive seen many coaches who do it for themselves more than for the athletes. Ive seen coaches destroy another athletes day in favor of their own. I try to help all athletes not just my own. and I dont just focus on the most talented. If you want to get better, im willing to help.

As for stealing without giving credit…those frauds usually dont last long

Notice, though, that the youtube video has been up since 2014 and has had all of 98 views in that time, and I suspect that a significant number of those views came from this thread. I wouldn’t exactly call them a serious marketplace competitor.

I still don’t think that entitles them to plagiarise.

I’m not claiming that it does. What I’m claiming is that the risk to Angie appears to be very, very low.

I have endless amount of gratefulness and respect for coaches with the mentality such as yours. Those who are willing to help anyone with passion, not just ones with apparent talent. Some coaches unfortunately only work with talented athletes so that they get easy improvements out of them and make name for themselves.

It’s also very nice of you to help athletes that are not yours. The world really need more great people like you.

I had to quit watching after a few minutes due to getting pissed off with her adding an “e” to the end of every word!

I try to do this too, but only if the athletes’ primary coach is also present or has given permission (and I am certainly not calling myself great). Because I live in a rural area where the knowledgeable or semi-knowledgeable coaches are quite spread out, I sometimes get athletes asking for help with various things. Recently I’ve asked them to start videoing the interactions with hopes of sharing what I sure hope is correct information.

I agree, if the athlete has someone else as their primary coach, it would be a different situation. You are very wise and generous in that regard.

It’s one thing to copy info and use it and it’s an entirely other miss step to push the info off as your own and brag about it.
Some people have no scruples.

Tom Crick gives a huge amount back to the sport and is extremely generous with his time and sharing his knowledge. He gives a lot of credit to those that have influenced him and directed many many people to this site and Charlie’s work.

UK Athletics has a very strict policy on not associating itself or hiring any coaches involved with drugs. Anyone who did would almost certainly lose their job.

Distributing CF materials quietly and at the same time out laud condemned any form of relation with the man. Lol. WTF?!!!

I can’t stand f… hypocrisy

Plagiarism in sports performance-related presentations should be treated as a serious matter just like it is in the scholarly research in my opinion…