Masters Competition Opportunities

I am currenty in my mid 30’s and want to get back into competition. What opportunties are there for guys my age as far as meets are concerned? Are there any Masters/Open indoor meets in the Southeastern US? Also critique my GPP program:
Monday - Tempo (Grass) 150 (diagnols on football field) x 8 (walk 50 yards for rest)
Weights: Bench 5 x 5 (70%) Flyes 3 x 12 Upper body Complex

Tuesday - Speed- Acceration sticks x 6/ 30 m sprints x 10 (full recovery) In place jump circuit with 60 contacts
Weights - Squats 5 x 5 / Jump squats 3 x 6 (bar)/ Lunges 3 x 6/ SLDL 3 x 10

Wednesday - Hills 80 meters x 6 / No weights

Thursday - Tempo - 100 x 16 (45 sec rest)
Weights: Military press 4 x 8/ Shoulder Circuit 3 x 12/ Nosebreakers 3 x 10/ Bicep curls 3 x 10

Friday - Drills and Technique - Dennis Mitchell - Drill supersetted with a 500 meter run.
No weights

Saturday - Speed - Short jumps (Standing longs/ standing triples)/ 10 meter starts x 10/ flye 20’s x 10 (full recover)/ In place jump circuit 70 contacts
Weights- Combo (power clean + front squat) 4 x 4/ Hang Snatch 3 x 5/ Bent Rows 3 x 10/ pullups 3 x max/ Romanian deadlifts 3 x 4

Thanks for any input - I will go 6 weeks with this and then change up a bit and go 4 more weeks GPP due to my long layoff (8 years) and I very out of shape.


This is nominally for masters track athletes, but it generally has a pretty good list of meets for sub-elite open runners as well.

The first thing I would say is pay very close attention to your recovery, if in doubt …rest :smiley:

Welcome to the club!!

I wouldn’t do 2 speed sessions at this stage … you’re body probably isn’t ready for it yet considering your long layoff. I would probably do another tempo session instead to start … it will whip you into shape :D.

John also makes an excellent point … recovery is very important. I started out training only 3 days per week after a 17 year layoff. I slowly built up to 4 then 5 over time. I also do a 3 week on, 1 week off cycle in order to give my body a rest.

What events are you targeting?

whats Fridays session = dennis mitchell???

Hey huskycoach, what’s up? I’m also in the southeast, so be sure to let me know of any meets you come across. The meets that I know of off the top of my head are the Georgia State Games, and the Tennessee Masters (I think?). Also, check out the Alabama Striders for some good meets in north and central Ala. Carolinas also have a few each spring/summer. Let us know what you find…

The events that I am targeting at the moment are the 100 and 200 and possibly the triple jump. The Dennis Mitchell goes as follows:
All drills 30 meters (after drill jog to the start)
-jog 3 squat 5

  • jog 3 ins and outs 5
    -A skip x 2
    -A run x 2
    -straight leg shuffle x 2
    -C run x 2
    500 meter stride

That is one set

Would it be okay to keep one speed day and also do one day of hills as a tempo workout?

What do you mean by “tempo workout”?

I would be carefull doing a hill based tempo workout. I thought about it at one time, but after getting feedback from the board, decided to stick to conventional CF tempo.

Haven’t seen an update from you recently and was just currious how your training was going?

Are you still planning on competing at masters meets some time in the future?

being in my mid 30’s also I found i can only do the meat & potatoes!

sprint, lift , tempo

no drills, minimal upperbody work, no plyos, Im even trying to figure a way to cut out tempo.

Im just doing 1 event 100m, your doing 3!

Think of undertraining, & you will probably be right on track. its tough doin power sports in your later years.

keep us posted on your training.

Yes, it’s tough to do power sports as a master but it can be done, we have to have more recovery but we need to do intense workouts, that’s the key, I would be dubious about dropping Tempo workouts, they are great for recovery, most Masters do them too fast, they are great for the day after a hard workout, much better than sitting on the coach, it helps get rid of the lactic acid. The training can be done; eg, have any of you guys heard of Roger Pierce, from Boston, the man is 61, runs world class 55m-400 times, and I’m 59 and run a sub 60 400, it can be done guys, don’t let age stop you, just be smart with your training, take recovery days and listen to your body and by all means do NOT try and run through an injury, also, every 3rd or 4th week take a regeneration week, wish I did years ago, good luck Master’s hope to see you in Boston for the Nationals. :wink:

Take Oldspeeder’s advice folks: SITTING ON YOUR COACH never accomplished anything other than pissing the coach off and encouraging him/her to think up some even more dastardly session for you by way of revenge. Plus the weight of two adults piled onto one place could put a serious depression into your couch. :stuck_out_tongue: