Massage Importance

Charlie has eluded to massage numerous times explaining its importance to assess muscle tightness and to decide if another set would possibly be dangerous or not. My question is if a massage therapist is not present during training which happens sometimes during pratice at U of T is there any way in which a coach or even myself could assess my own condition. Is it simple to see whether or not muscles are or are not in a state to do another set. Is it basic enough for a coach with little experience with massage to know ???


Get your coach to do it!

what would the coach be looking for.

I assume it would be mostly in the hamstrings ???

You can see examples of what a coach can reasonably learn to do in the Jane Project DVD available on the site. You can also see the next step with ART by one of the Top therapists.

a quick one (till i get the dvd, which i’ve tried, but seems to be a problem…)

if there is tightness in hams, is it better to get a deep massage for that scar tissue (?), or is this causing more damage?

to be honest, i had it both ways in the past and a deep massage seems to be the way for me, but i am just wondering…


Scar tissue (I’m assuming of long standing) needs to be broken up. Deep works best but may require an easing of intensity till you recover from the therapy. During the period of reduced intensity for the affected muscle, you can raise intensity elsewhere on the body to compensate.

right on, Charlie; feels a bit irritated and doesn’t want to be pushed the next day, or so, but at least works for me; working more on torso, as you say, is a good alternative for CNS, etc…


has there been a problem getting the Jane Project DVD out? I tried to order it a few weeks ago and the order is still pending and i have recieved no response from the costumer service. It looks like Nikouloski is may be having some problems too. Just checking because all my other orders were really smooth. Thanks

The Jane Project DVD is out! Not sure why your order is pending- might be a Pay Pal issue. check with for clarification.

sorry to insist and posting here about this, but since others have the same problem…

i just tried once more for the dvd and the message coming across has as follows:

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not sure where the problem comes from; i think there was a comment from the site some time ago saying that there is an attempt to change the paying system; not sure if this is still on and creates the problem

i also had a PM about this issue

please, if you can figure out what the problem is, let us know

i’ll keep trying in the meantime and if successful, i’ll inform you…


hate to post stuff like this on here, but i have recieved no reply from the e-mail i sent regarding the order. Checked with paypal and the transaction was completed the day i ordered the DVD. Hopefully i get a response to the e-mail i sent, because it has been a while since i made the order. Not sure what is up here.

Hey, same country, same problem as Nik. Happy just to send a cheque if I cannot order through the web. Please advise.


You must keep support requirements in the support thread, this topic has no purpose here and it was by chance that i found this. Also note that we are currently NOT shipping PAL versions of the Jane Project at this time. So if you use PAL equipment this disk WILL NOT play.

Jim C. your order has been shipped, all others with checkout problems please email me at

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My bad…sorry about that. forgot about the customer service and support forum. thanks