massage freqeuncy for hamstring pull


One of my college athletes you saw pulled a hamstring at school last week and will be back home this weekend.

How many massages per day can be done? Figuring two, one in morning and one at night, one being a flush and one a little deeper depending on tissue quality. Advice?



Since they must be flushing, you can do twice a day I’d think- be carefull directly over the injury site.


work on muscles around too, start from down toward up!!!

Calf and thigh etc? correct?

If it’s a fresh injury, I’d work above the injury site first to open up the possibility of removal of waste products from the area and after a few days in the traditional way

yes, i agree…

yes, you’re right!

It was about 8 days ago. He said so far the first few days was ice and stim. Seemed like they gave him a tenz for use in his dorm. At days 3-4 or so they started some strength work and stretch. No massage. I was able to get him a phototherapy unit to use for the week.

The pull is in the middle. Came in practice after a tough lift. He had soreness and tightness before. Same ole story…