Mark Lewis Francis I Think He Can

Yes i think Mark lewis Francis can win the commonwealth Games, and am going to go as far as saying he will win the Games. And yes even if Asafa Powell is there.

Now ive got reason, behind my thinking. Its a combination of things.

Asafa Powell will be the main favourite for the champs, and presuming, there’s always threats like Kim Collins, Frater, Zakarie, and others.

You see, i don’t look at life and sport in black and white.

since 2003 Mark Lewis Francis has done nothing but piss me off. I think Mark Lewis Francis can run 9.8xx.

Providing he has done the training, other people know this as well, why do you think Gatlin wanted to train with Lewis-Franics, they know there is a beast there, Gatlin knows this and has one eye on Francis, maybe there was plan behind Gatlins offer
Mark Lewis Francis in my mind is the fastest junior the world has seen, his times ---- on, anyone elses 6.51 at 60m, and 9.97 100m 2001. Plus his training was immature too.

He has flashes of greatness, that last leg 4x100m, Greene would of run down 99.9% of sprinters out there. And he that, and i know he was not in the best possible shape.

I think Asafa Powell is weak mentally, i mean he gives the allusion that he is MR COOL, but being to cool is bad. From my observation he only starts thinking and worrying when its too late. He trys to be too cool, to laid back, that’s his down fall.

There is pressure on Asafa Powell, this is a must win, championships, no matter who’s there.

Imagine all the thoughts that will be in his mind, in that final.

I think Asafa Powell won’t put his best race together in the final, and Mark Lewis Francis will, because what happened to him 4years ago.

I think he has issues, and is disinterested in stuff, maybe because he was so use to winning from such a young age.

But there you go MARK LEWIS FRANCIS will win providing he is healthy and stays injury free, pray to God.

MLF should quit track, and asafa rules all.

shumon…MLF is the one who hasn’t got it when it the last CG didn’t he and DC cramp up in the reference to the relay leg in your post…man he was very very lucky as MG reeled him in like a fish and he was very very lucky to hang onto it.

shumon i’ll go to the stage of saying i’ll bet you small amount that MLF will not win.even if hes in great shape he still won’t!!!

Asafa Powell is gonna be beaten.

He is not the compedator Greene was, he is weak mentally.

There is a beast winthin Mark Lewis Francis and people coaches, within the sport know this.

DC got cramp and MLF tore his hamstring at 60m, and was out until around November (may have even been longer) with it. So maybe Shumon’s got a point, but I can see him getting into the final, but he’ll come home empty handed from the individual event…

I don’t believe MLF will ever win a medal at a global championships.

Asafa Powell is weak mentally…yea I’d be real weak mentally if I had the season he just did.

I too think MLF has the talent, I just hope he is in shape. From the interview in the Times that you posted, it sounds as if MLF has knuckled down to the conditioning that he obviously needed last season. The 11lbs weight loss sounds promising.

It was obvious last season that he needed a change of direction, I hope Tony Lester can take him where he is capable of.

Lets see whats gonna happen in the first real bug 100m race of the season. I think powell is not so confident, he has douts in his mind of injury etc. I also think he is not bring his “A game” to these games.

he might get caught out, MLF AND POWELL go head to head later on this week. i wonder what will happen

the mind is powerful in a close race…

this won’t be a close race.

I don’t care how confident you are, but if you cannot hit 6.4x low for 60m, you can’t do it regardless of your confidence. When the big man gets there and let’s the speed endurance go, you’re going to see some fast times.

I think most of the discussion about someone (e.g. Asafa) being mentally weak or strong is crap. Everybody screws up once in awhile, it doesn’t mean it’s bound to become a habit. Was Asafa mentally weak in Athens, or did he just use his energy in a completely wrong way?

i agree. MLF doesnt stand a chance against asafa, its one thing if its a close race, but asafa runs .3 faster than MLF. i mean MLF hasnt run sub 10 in what, 5 years?

Looks like MLF has a lot of work left to do :wink:

yeh Asafa Powell, what can i say, it was a joke for him. 10.5 just a joke, just playing.

I have tried to convince myself, Powell can be beaten.But only if he makes a mistake, tenses up, thats the only chance the other guys have.

and who knows, pressure can do certain things at champs.

everyone esle, i think are very close together, but if anyone esle stood out.

I was impressed with Marc Burns. Very very cool, and relaxed and easying off.

I was happy with Lewis-Francis but still, step by step.

10.20 fastest of the heats, and season best.

come on mark.

2nd Round Men’s 100m
Wind-0.5 Rk Bib Country - Name Birth Date Lane Reaction Time Results Qualified
1 1560 JAM - POWELL Asafa 23/11/1982 3 0.138 10.29 Q
2 1221 CAN - HENRY Anson 09/03/1979 2 0.133 10.30 Q
3 1343 ENG - LEWIS-FRANCIS Mark 04/09/1982 4 0.167 10.41 Q

Too bad! :wink:

Well and now the DSQ might help save his name. We will hear what he WOULD, COULD and WILL, if, only if…until his next failure :wink: