Mark Guthrie

Does anyone have any recommended reading from Mark Guthrie on sprinting? Any books out there worth buying? I would also be interested in knowing what Danny Tutskey’s training was like under Guthrie.

Google he has a book, that gives sample workouts etc.

If you’re looking to do Guthrie program, go join track houston track club.

Are you saying that there is a lot of intensive tempo involved?

Attend one of there workouts, you probably wouldn’t make it.

Some fast guys on that list.

Yep, they train very very hard. I had one workout with them a couple weeks ago.

You say it’s similar to Guthrie’s stuff but Guthrie’s workouts don’t appear to be all that brutal. From everything I have seen there is a lot of 75-80% work with a fair amount of rest along with accel. work in some form 2x a week.

What are their workouts like? What makes you think I wouldn’t make it through one of them?

It depends, he don’t change the times for most sprinters; so for a 11.5 sprinter those times could be higher 85-95%.