Marion Set For World Cup

By Gene Cherry

RALEIGH, North Carolina, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Former Olympic sprint champion Marion Jones hopes to compete in next week’s World Cup in Athletics and the Shanghai meeting later this month after being cleared of allegations, her manager said on Thursday.

“This weekend’s meet (the IAAF World Athletics Final in Stuttgart) was too short a time to get ready, but she is hoping to compete in the World Cup and in Shanghai,” Charles Wells told Reuters in a telephone interview from his Texas office.

The World Cup in Athletics is scheduled for Sept 16-17 in Athens with the Shanghai meeting on Sept 23.
“I am absolutely ecstatic,” the U.S. sprinter said in a statement. “I am anxious to get back on the track,” she added.

Jones’s coach Steve Riddick said she would resume training on Friday.

“We didn’t work today, but we will be working tomorrow,” Riddick told Reuters via telephone from his Norfolk, Virginia, camp.

“We will get her ready as we can.”

Jones has not competed since she ran in London on July 28 and has not trained strenuously since mid-August.

She had been preparing to run in Zurich on Aug. 18, but left Switzerland early that morning to return home
“I don’t think it will be that bad,” Riddick said of her return. "She has been active, so we will need to start doing some speed work.’’

Once the dominant sprinter of the 1990s and early this decade, Jones won three gold medals and two bronzes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

She had performed poorly since having a son with former 100 metres world record holder Tim Montgomery in 2003, but was making a comeback this year. with three of the six fastest 100 metres times in the world.

So, what, she ended up being cleared of doping charges?
How did that happen?

its not enuf today for an athlete to run well, he or she needs the SMARTS behind him/her.

before attacking consult intelligence and leave room for a way out… agreed,

ciao a tutti

This is how she got cleared…

What a joke

It is a joke and thats why competing or recently retired athletes need to shut their mouths and say nothing until the samples are tested and a conclusion has been made.

It is a joke and thats why competing or recently retired athletes need to shut their mouths and say nothing about fellow athletes guilt or innocence until the samples are tested and a conclusion has been reached.

i dont see that as a joke, shoot she might not be doing anything, mabe yall just hating.

The EPO test is a joke… and I agree with you on the hating thing.

OK. That’s enough I’m afraid. The topic is against forum policy here and we can immediately see why yet again.

Criticism of the analysis of the EPO test, if not also the test itself and the potential for human error because it supposedly takes 2-1/2 days to run, suggests the potential for discrepancies in testing of the A and/or B samples. On that basis the test should be thrown out because it would be unlikely to survive a properly mounted and funded court challenge. However this test apparently remains the best we currently have, and authorities will continue to reap the wind as they try to gain convictions with it despite problems acknowledged by several in the lab community, most notably Dr Werner Franke and Hans Heid in Germany.

So it’s controversial. Let’s leave it at that.

Marion is free to compete and all those who have libelled her in recent weeks should now be checking with their own lawyers if she decides to turn the gun back on them. They will be toast.

End of topic please guys