Marion Jones to appear in the long-jump during indoor-season?

I read in a Norwegian newspaper that Marion Jones will appear in both the 60 and the long-jump in Gent on February 8th.
Tim Montgomery will not appear in the long-jump at the meet, though he will appear in the 60.

That’d be great to see her run indoors again although I remember she said she never would run indoors again.

Maybe Pfaff changed her mind of the subject. Any body have any comments on how they think this will benefit or harm her outdoor season, or have no effect maybe?

As she hasn’t competed for a while now (particularly in Long Jump), perhaps they thought it was easier to ease her back in indoor competition where the meets would be lower profile, and there would be less pressure. Although, there will be a lot of pressure on Marion regardless - indoors or outdoors. I would assume they would use a shorter approach run than would be used outdoors (progressing back into LJ and perhaps due to facility length constraints).

With the time off, I think the biggest concern getting back into jumping (training and competition) would be avoiding injuries - particularly lower leg, ankle, foot injuries due to overuse and impact.

I think it will be good for her start. I mean, she always could rely on her closing speed, when she messed up the start.
But she won´t be able to do that in a 60m. She will have to concentrate on the start a lot more.
And it´s good for her to start long jumping now, to get used to lj competiton again, and to get a few jumps under her belt.

Articles say that she will return at the Millrose Games to run the 60m and that she is sceduled to run in Birmingham on February 20th, to run the 60m and compete in the long jump.