Marion Jones prepares for Brussels return

Marion will be running the Van Damme 100m in Brussels on Sept. 5
to a report on IAAF website:

Any predictions?

Marion’s post-maternal instincts force her to change Zhanna’s shorts…

she is crazy. but she might be in shape. I think she is crazy.

Marion’s absolutely mad. But very true Chris we don’t know what sort of shape she’s in…:confused: :confused: :confused:

This whole issue brings up the concept of training/competing post pregnancy. What are the benefits of having a child and then re-entering training? What are the costs (aside from the loss of sleep)?

Is there a different prescription for re-entering the training realm after a female athlete has had a child? Any thoughts?

I read somewhere that Anjanette Kirkland is doing the same thing. I dont know if there is any truth to this…

Not sure about sprinting - but there have been precidents set of better perfomaces post-chilbirth with some distnace runners.

Apparently, the thought of changing Zhanna’s shorts is enough to have Marion reconsidering! News out today from a publicist says that she has no plans to race early.

Charlie, Number Two

Can you give me some guidelines on the main issues to observe and manage with female athletes returning to competition.

I know Marion had to be careful pre-birth but post-birth what are the main concerns and things you noticed?