Marion Jones keen to play in WNBA

Former track star Marion Jones is training for a basketball comeback in the WNBA.

San Antonio Silver Stars coach Dan Hughes confirmed that Jones has been training with his assistants to possibly play in the WNBA, more than a year after the 34-year-old was released from federal prison for lying about her doping use.

The New York Times first reported that Jones has been working on her skills and conditioning in San Antonio since October.

Jones told the newspaper she received a call in May from someone in the NBA asking if she might play in the WNBA.

Jones played college basketball at North Carolina.

Hughes told The Associated Press his assistants haven’t given him a progress report on the 2000 Sydney Olympics heroine but that he “applauds her” for trying to make the league.

Here is the full story in the New York Times

I remember when I met her and asked her if she could dunk a basketball. She looked at me as if I was out to lunch and said, “Yep. Five girls on my team could dunk…” as if it were expected.

From her quote, I’m assuming this was when she was playing college ball?

Phoenix Mercuty picked her in the 2003 WNBA Draft. She should have switched over then. Phoenix are strong, they won the title a year ago. They have a bunch of goodies, including Penny Taylor who won MVP award at the last FIBA women’s world championships in Brazil.

Funny how track athletes get caught and try to switch sports.

its either that or pumping gas, you gotta get the $

Yea its like these athletes didnt learn anything in college. Most of them should have atleast a BS degree. I heard j gatlin was working at a cell phone shop. I guess they figured no need to do work in college, im fast.

Well, it’s not that simple, these days a degree does not mean anything, they give them out like candy on top of the fact that the standards are so low. Hell, I’m an American and I much rather hire a foreigner because they have basic work ethic and their schooling was more rigorous (e.g, China, Japan, India, Finland). Anyhow, if you are really serious about making money, and you want to go that route, you need a PhD in some type of hard Science.

As far as jobs, American industry’s are being exported to places like China, India, and Mexico, so out of the jobs that are left, they are the dead end “service jobs” where you flip burgers, greet customers (like you really care?), and sell mobile phones.

lol hard science. Its tru but I think the reality of it is they cant deal with working a 9-5.

lol, yea but I don’t blame them… When you go from making a few thousand just for showing up at a meet to run back to 30k (for example) for a whole year that’s pretty discouraging. It’s on youtube ( a documentary) but Marion Jones was making so much money she had a few thousand dollars of uncashed checks just stashed away in her Benz.

lol damn. whats the link