MARION JONES-11.06 Reebok

Running against:

Veronica Campbell
Lauryn Williams
Torri Edwards
Angela Williams
Aileen Bailey etc. etc.
Observations, comments?

Great that she’s back.
At first i was kind of surprised, but then i remembered the old Marion.
I think she has much more potential, i.e. winning WC 2007 in a 10,75 or sth like that. bc she knows how it feels to run that fast.

really, great performance yesterday
weather and wind were not in favour
with better conditions, she could run in 10"85-10"90: not bad!

she’s lookin darn muscular! Id like to know her bf % & weight now & compared to athens. she also looks like she isnt getting anywhere near triple extension? her form always been like that?

…glad shes back tho :slight_smile:

From an image sequencer, she appears to have good extension at the beginning of backside rotation. During sequencing, I could only imagine the height during flight phase at ground level!

Her foot/hip problems are over, I hope, allowing her to get into great shape again. It’s a bit hard to tell her level of extention till we see her in good conditions but this latest race against her biggest competitors augers well.
Last year, the official pricks were piling on, trying to kick her when she was down.
Now, she’s headlined on CNN and all the meet directors are eating crow to get her back.