Marion Jones 10.92

1 Jones Marion USA 10.92 20
2 Simpson Sherone JAM 10.98 16
3 Edwards Torri USA 11.06 14
4 Ferguson Debbie BAH 11.16 12
5 Gevaert Kim BEL 11.17 10
6 Barber Me’Lisa USA 11.22 8
7 Williams Lauryn USA 11.23 6
8 Félix Sylviane FRA 11.41 4
9 Beret-Martinel Fabienne FRA 11.47

told ya.
she’s back.
and she’s gonna blow everyone away,
with a 10.7 or below showing,
at the 2008 Olympics.
w00t w00t!
goo Jones! goo Jones!

great that she is doing such things!

Marion look so strong, her finish is better now than it was back in 2000. Does anyone here know her gym numbers. I mean if you guys get a chance look at her last 30m it’s crazy

She’s so POWERFUL right now~~~

Kenny Mac~~~~~

I agree somewhat. Particularly in that 60-90 or so region. However, after a look back at Sydney, I’m not so sure. After 60 in '00, what was needed?

nice avatar…


what race was this?
Torri E. is sneaking up also. Keep an eye on her.
What is going on w/ the 04 silver medalist. I know she had the flu last month but I have spoke about her form in previous threads and it does not look like it has improved much since…since…