Marc Raquil

Any idea why he didn’t run the flat 400?

He did not make standards this year…had a difficult season plagued with injuries…

He broke an ankle this winter, indirect consequence of fiesta and showbusiness after her Paris WC feats, clearly overrated.

pierrejean put it more bluntly than I would allow myself to say, but that’s definitely what I’ve heard…It reminds me of Piasenta getting mad at Marie Jo Perec because she spent more time on the runway and on TV than on the track! :wink:

I didn’t want to charge too much Raquil either, anyway, seeing the great results by his training partner Leslie Djhone, he may be back to show who is the boss. The difference with Piasenta is that François Pépin isn’t mad about that, he thinks Marc’s attitude was normal and didn’t blame him.
Marie-Jo had a lot of extra-sport activities, but it didn’t prevented her to be back at her ebst within few months, as she’s the most talented girl we’ve ever seen.