Marathon Plan

i would like to work up to doing 50 of them, in 36sec each. That’s 3min per 1km pace and 10km all up.
There is a 10km run as part of team in about 6wks time so would like to do that by before then.

weather is cooling, but the humidity is still the biggest thing that kills. Must have been 100% humidity this morning, was covered in sweat.
Fri morning, 4km run, before a 50min runnin tempo, faster efforts, maybe 150m done in 2 sets of 10 on a 60sec cycle. was acg around 21sec to run

fair enough and makes sense when explained. What surface did you do them on?

10 crappy grass, 10 road, then grass. Normally just do on grass, but grass was a bit long.

Sat, wanted to run, but was soooo tired during the day. had a sleep instead.
Sun, 10km run, felt ok for about 5km then the heat started to get to me.
Again, feelig vngery tired in general, naps not really possible due to kids…

Monday, woke up 2hrs after alarm, so tired, i’m thinking my 2yr old is stressing me, and the other two older kids are pissing me off… the two older ones, just sick of telling them the same mundane things every day, every hour, every 5min… ahrrrr.
Only time to train was in the early afternoon, when its the hottest. Done a 1hr run, 40 min then stopped for a drink and shower me head n try n cool off. wasnt working afer 5-7min so continued for another 20min to get home.
I gotth

that is good work. Tonight I did 6 x 200 on short grass on a wet field with 2 min jog back and ave was 40.2 so your stuff both time wise, effort and volume is incomprehensible. :wink:

One of the best moves I made was making Saturday’s a recovery day. Just helps sooo much.

Re the kids, they do that but they are awesome. My daughter left for 4 years at Varsity a couple of weeks ago and son is away overseas for 5+ years in November so enjoy them while you can. :slight_smile:

Thanks John. re kids, yeah need to start getting a more structured outlet for them. The boy we got a guitar last week and am building a better games room for them.
I want them to start rgular training too. Mostly general prep stuff and also swimming. It might meen more work, but bound to be less stress.
4-5yrs away from your kids! ouch.
Tuesdsy training,
Finally a good longer workout. Basically running circuits, but non stop like a 10km run, with plenty of exercises thrown in. ended up doing 8km including warmup. So was a good effort. The
biggest thing was how hard i had to push to get the heart rate up, during the runs it was often around 17-18km / hr, and heart rate was only just at La+ threshold. Every time i did some exercises, the heart rate droped.
Finally feel like some decent training is starting to occur. Finally.

Wednesday, 20*200’s on a 60sec cycle.
Avg speed, 35sec
On grass, in joggers.
After that, ran 20min, starting slow n progressing faster n faster till the end.
Felt like a very good workout. Thighs were rather sore beforehand and pretty darn stiff by the end, but, mey, ignored it during the run for the most part.
Even with the short recoverys, the heart rate was dropping rather fast in the recoverys, and really only got above Lactic threshold during the last 5 or maybe 6 reps. I think next time, if the legs are not so sore, ill give a bash at doing 30reps.
Was a much cooler day for training, still humid, but nothing like it has been. Just hope this weather keeps up, although the rain can piss off…

Thursday, again with thurs, no time to train

Friday, 50min of running circuits, mostly did efforts on a 2min cycle, they typically took 1.30 to do, so 30sec recoverys. We did 6 then had an easy 5min slow jog, then another 5 efforts. Heart rate got over La+ on 5 reps, and hit 91% of max, which is roughly where a 10km race level should achieve if training goes acording to plan.
I think my pb for 10km is 31:50 which was set in 1998. I would be suprised if its not broken this year.

Sat, planned an afternoon run with 2* others who were going to ride a BMX, everything was going to plan till they turned up, then the weather went crap and stormed…
Sun, was on child minding duties
Monday, too busy with work.
If this weather dont improve asap, i dont know how im going to find time to get the volume in to train. Its cooled off in the southern states, makes training during the day at anytime possible. Last week i ran a 10km a couple of hrs early, and the heat smashed me. There is still over 4months to go beofre the marathon

Tue, 5,5km easy run.
its a bit depressing not getting the work needed atm.

wed, 20*200’s on a 60sec cycle.
Heart rate max of 163, which is 1 less than last week, but average 2 less each rep. Mostly due to wearing race flats.
Felt pretty ordinary at the end, lack of energy and mentally not great. Didnt really produce much La+ Am thinking i ate too much carbs during the day, and have forgot my magnesium drink the last couple of days. Deff makes a big difference.
Weather forcast is for heavy rains today and tmr. yipee.

Yep, rained cat n dogs today, so went anyway, 9.6 km. time, 39:22 avg heart rate, 84%
some pretty serious flooding now, about 1hr afterwards, roads under, and my car parked on the side of the road , the water is up to the bottom of the door opening, im sure some water will get in. Not really anyplace to put it anyway…

bugger, here we go again :frowning:

very close to having my training studio become flooded. A little water in the car as it ended up in a small pool… Its the worst i have seen this area, and I ran in that??

Fri, 50min of running, bike and dumbell swings. Wouldnt mind of doing some more, but super wet clothes = chaffing = 50min will do.

Last night spent a solid 30min foamrolling thighs and groin with a extra hard roller. Hurts like buggery, but feels great afterwards.


This is where i ran yesterday

Saturday, 10km hilly run, I think a pb by 1min, keeping heart rate under control and trying not to enter La+ which is hard on some of the hills, i think it went ever so slightly over on a couple of hills. Time, 39:09. Avg hr =84% and avg cadence is 85 which is pretty good for me over that type of speed.

This was followed by about 8 200’s on a grass padock, in around 38sec avg, which was a touch slow, but ok. This was followed by running circuits for 60min.

Total daily km was 19.3km.
Total time, 2hrs

Sunday, 4:22km recovery run. 19:26min, avg hr 130 or 71% avg speed 13km hr.
Nice and cool day, felt good running.
Was a big day building flat pack furniture all day!Back was sore as a result.

Back even more sore…
10km run, avg hr 1152 or 83%, so not very hard.
time, 40:15minWas nice n cool into the breeze on the way out, but hot as on the way back with the wind. Tried to keep the pace nice and consistent.
Was pretty tight from two days of of building flatpack stuff… time to foamroll.

52min of running circuits,
Ran 9km
avg hr 74% or 136
Max hr 90% or 165

even though foamrolled last night, there is still a bit of left over tightness from Sunday. I should be able to attack it some more today.
Pretty crap sleep last night for some reason? Normally i sleep like a log.
I noticed on Fri after running in the rain, that my joggers are worn out, the foam has completly gone in them. I have spare Average quality shoes ill use untill the new ones arrive (from wiggle) Asics, Kayano 18 Best shoe for distance work by a long long way!

22 x 200’s on a 60sec cycle - avg speed 36sec - Max hr 89% or 162, typically in the 20odd sec in waiting for the next rep, HR would drop roughly 10beats.

This was followed by Running circuits for 55min - max hr of 159

All up, 1.5hrs worth - and 13.5km

Day off

Very hard 14min challenge involving around 3.5km of running and other exercises. Heart rate peaked at 172 - that’s 7 higher than previous This years highest. Still 11 beats off what the max i have seen (now 3yrs ago)
All up, 5.43km and 38min of training in the morning.

PM - 4km of recovery running - 19:32min and avg heart rate 126

As of Fri - 4hrs of training this week

Sat, 7km in 32:50.
Recovery run, avg hr 70% or 129
avg speed, 12.8km/hr
running index 82 - this is by and far the highest index i have ever achieved. The cooler weather is certainly helping. The higher the Index the better.

Day off, very fatigued day.

Monday Was a rather hot afternoon
Recovery run with a hard 1km towards the end as i got caught up chasing some dude who was doing intervals, just to see what sort of pace he was doing… (about 3min per km)
avg hr 143 max hr 166 avg speed 14km/hr
running index 69