Marathon Plan

Flooded roads this morning from intense rain.
Lucky rain stopped by the afternoon and roads opened up. Made for some very humid training.
Ran just over 10km over a mostly up hill rolling hill course. Previous Aerobic pb is just under 41min one way and just over 39min the other way.
Today ran 40min flat, so a decent pb. Had an hrs rest whilst training some others. Then 10km run home. Was doing well till 30min then hunger got the best of me n just jogged home. I was on pace for 38min.
Felt good once I had a good feed.
Total 1hr 20min.
Weekly total 3hrs 40min.

Thursday - Horrid weather. I thought if i left training till just before dark, Around 6:30’ish then it might cool down - It didnt, plus i crashed and fell asleep soon after… No training = going to miss my weekly volume goal this week.

Fri - Missed the 1st 30min of a 1hr 20min session - Legs were heavy and sore, so did some much needed foamrolling instead. Geez they were sore and tight. Mental note, do it daily…
So completed a 50min running circuit program (in the rain) It’s crazy hard to breath in such humidity, i think it would be easier with gills this morning.

Weekly total - 4hrs 30min.

here is something you may ‘enjoy’…

Thanks John, are you a member? (some people make you laugh hey with how they bitch back n forth about certain things)

Sat, Sun and Mon - had a stomach bug that prevented any meaningful training
Sat - off
Sun - planed long run, made it 30min… making the weekly total 4hr 10min
Mon - Lasted 20min

Tue morning, feeling much better, though perhaps a bit dehydrated
Ran 30min - roughly 7.5km - then did 50min of running circuit
Total 1hr 20min
Weekly total 1hr 40min.

On monday, purchased some Innersoles arch supports - gel version, so nice and soft to allow the feet muscles to keep working.
After watching the Jane Project and also reading an article from a Naturapath who deals with athletes, This looks like the way to go.
Too early to really tell, but so far, indications are that this is something i should have done Years ago.

Wednesday - 50min including in that some Tempo 200’s
Felt heavy and sluggish - seems everybody was having a hard time with the high humidity
Still adjusting to the new innersoles - got to look out for blisters also.

Thursday - off. Too hot when i had time, and working when it was cooler… such is life

" Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now".
Try the arch supports but don’t be afraid to gradually introduce them to your training over time.
Putting something inside your shoe all of a sudden might be fine day 1 and 2 etc… When you are doing large volumes of repetitions just be careful. I do not mean to discourage your attempt to improve your situation. I do want to caution you from self administering something I have been carefully monitored on.
I also do not want to make it sound as though everyone can or should be using foot inserts
Mike Forgraves is one of the top experts in the business and he lectures around the world and goes to the World Championships and Olympics as an advisor and consultant.
If you like I can inquire about a possible Skype session to advise. It might also be possible he knows the best person in your area or can find out.
I don’t mean to suggest you have not done due dilgence with your decsion tree of thinking either.
Continued success in this exciting pursuit and thank-you for sharing your training with us.

Thank you Angela - your advice is always well regarded.
2nd wearing of inserts I removed them half way though workout.
If i can, I’ll go bare foot at work to take pressure off the feet.
Mike made some great comments on what to look for in the Jane Project - As good as i could tell, I deff needed something extra - and the supports I found (with the aid of a 2nd pair of eyes) confirmed they were the right choice (for now). I’m thinking of using my Slow Mo camera to confirm when running on the Treadmill. I’ll post up when i get the chance. A possible skype or email consult with Mike would be good - email might be better as i think we are 12hrs or something different in time zone?
What i have noticed - just behind and at the bottom of the big Toe, pain is almost gone - only noticed when i massage, and it hurts a lot, very nervy also. Now, there is only maybe 10% of the pain there.
Calfs - they are always tight - I can remove the tension, but after a run, the tension (knotts) are back. If i don’t always look after the calfs, i get sore Achilles tendons pretty quickly.
Left knee - i had started to develop left knee pain - That is now only 10% remaining
tibialis anterior - Always tight, not really knotted, but never really feeling like it should. Feels great Now.

Friday - 1st big workout in innersoles. All went well - though i’ll be giving them a good massage after writing this.
60min Run - followed by 50min Running circuit - included lots of abs and burpee’s
Followed by 10min of stretching.
Not a bad run, was still very humid which makes for hard breathing and unpleasant soakness.
Was expecting the Legs to get rather dead and heavy with 15 or so minutes to go - but felt fine, just hungry.
Total weekly 4hrs 20min

Sat/Sun - Off - Developed a red painful area that, give it 5 more minutes of running, would have blistered up. On the Left foot, in the middle of the arch.

Monday - 30min of in/outs of the surf, instead of swimming out, i would run and do about 5min of deep water running, turn, catch a wave and run out and up to the dunes. Great workout - could get used to 1hr of this easy

Tue - 7km run - 26min - then tempo runs for 40min. Very muggy morning - hard to breath, very wet

Total weekly, 1hr 40min

Things are progressing nicely with the innersoles. Purchased a full length pair today, to try out instead of the 3/4 length pair being used. Seems to be more absorption capabilities and decent (but not too much) arch and heel support. I used them in a pair of average Nike shoes (supposed to be good nikes, but seem average for proper running) and the entire shoe dynamic has changed (for the better). I mainly used them so far on grass, so will be interesting to test them out on the Road later on.

Training - Running circuit - including abs, chin ups, dips and squat jumps.
Total time - 1hr

Weekly total 2hrs 40min

Planned 1hr beach workout
Sand run (400m or so) then deep water running for 5min

Sea Lice were attacking really bad today - felt like jellyfish… After 25min some chaffing started happening so only managed 30min.

Foamrolled thighs afterwards - pretty sore but recovered pretty quickly
Very early sleep, just after 7pm…

Friday - A solid 9 -10hrs sleep :slight_smile:
A slight foot massage before morning training (feet felt the effects of the beach running)
New inserts felt fantastic today, esp on the footpaths and roads. The heel is also supported so sharper corners feel very secure now.
Training - 50min of running circuit with the odd 20E20F20E thrown in.

Planning on doing a solid day of foamrolling and feet massage today. (inbetween clients, so a bit here and there during the day)
That slight arch blister is nearly gone.

Total weekly time - 4hrs

I like to read your training journal. Can you tell me more about foamrolling protocol, like when, how much.
Uncle google only tells you how :slight_smile:

Uncle google tells you Half how to do it. I find they go Way too fast and hence cause Bruising of the muscle
For me and my clients, as an example, Thighs, they could take 5-10-15min to roll one way, from hips to knees. Not like the youtube clips of 5-10sec.
If the muscle hurts, DON’T move, just wait. Wait till the pain leaves. Sometimes, as the muscle relaxes, the foam rolls naturally, thus you just sit and let gravity do the rolling.
Also - we always stretch After foamrolling (and massage) I find the stretching teaches the muscle what it’s supposed to be like, in terms of length. after all, it’s been used to being cramped up and knotted for who knows how long for some people? I also find it prevents Soreness to a big degree either hrs or days later. If it’s been really bad and painful, ICE afterwards.
When - largely depends… vague hey :slight_smile: Sometimes i turn around after setting out for a run, and head home to roll, as i’m way too tight. I’ll spend 5min or 30min of rolling, then when i go out, i’m ready to run. But if that’s the case, i’ll keep the run easier if i had to do 30min of foam. 5min don’t matter so much.
Otherwise - I’ll roll a few hrs after training (if i train in the mornings) or i’ll roll in the mornings and run in the afternoons. Ideal is a good rolling day on same day After harder workout with the next day easier (tempo or such). Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do.

How much time - Sometimes 5min just to loosen up for a workout - sometimes 30min if pretty tight - every now and then, 1hr to really fix up whole body issues.

I also find, it’s best to foamroll the knotts out, then go for a massage. Works very nicely.
Hope it helps

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

I thought single roll should be longer than i normally see but i didnt imagine it would take that long. What kind of foamrollers dio you use? I think i cant really hit glutes and hamstrings enough. i use this foamroller

Ive seen people using baseball balls and simular. What do you think of that? I tried it with tennis ball but didnt like it.

Its funny how foam roller is becoming popular here. A group of sprinters at a track where I train just came up with some 5~10 foamrolles and other self-masage “devices”, using the before in between and after training every day :slight_smile:


A member but rarely post, yeah there are certainly some entrenched opinions.

Thanks for the foam roll info and while the way I do it is more the ‘traditional’ fast way (15 rolls each area) the benefits are still good. Stretching afterwards is a must!

Just wondering have you dropped any weight with the extra mileage?

MadIggy, i use them rollers, but many others also I have one that is much harder, i love it also a ball the same material as the blue rollers and 10inch dia For hammies and calfs i like to use a dumbbell as it really gets into the muscle
Sharmer, since starting this plan in mid Nov, i have added 2kg none of it fat This is due to also training the carb depletion during the long runs and the body adapting by storing more glucose (and hence water) A cyclist mate who does 4-5hr bike rides has gained 3kg and his body weight has been the same for the last 10yrs

Sat n Sun. Had sat off and planned a 30km run to a beach on Sun arvo As i was getting ready a big storm (lightning and hail) was brewing and destroyed my plans, when it rains hard enough here, the footpaths also flood over, leaving nowhere to run.

Just over 16km in 1hr 4min.
There was a path towards the end that was blocked off due to the rains from Sunday , tis a shame as i wanted to compaire the same course as last. I think i was on target fot around 8-10 min faster.
Lost a total of 2kg, or 4.4lbs in that 1hr run. The last 20min was all in the sun with no shade, was pretty nasty.
Did some back/shoulder foamrolling that afternoon, it’s been too long since i last did that, was rather ugly.

10km early run. 40min, didnt feel too flash, wore some compression pants to avoid chaffing but they felt restrictive around the hip flexors and hip height felt lower?
Right after, 50min of running circuits
Again, very muggy and lost a couple kg even with drinks during.
Feet are a bit sore around the edges of the heels (will massage) and right foot 2nd toe nail is killing… it was bad this time last year too, lost the nail then.

Much cooler day, in fact, barely got a sweat going!
45min of running circuits, though ran on a stick hidden in the long grass, and lucky my lower legs were loose, or i might have damaged my ankle.
Just an easy one today, see what i can do Thurs, esp if it remains cooler
Total weekly, 3hrs 15min

No time to train, but managed a 1hr foamroll session. Felt so much better afterwards.
Pouring rain at 4:30-5:30 this morning so missed out my early run before our workout
50Min runing circuit, much cooler weather, or less humid the last 3days, so much nicer.
Foamroll during the day to help maintain the gain i got from Thurs session.
Feet feel like they are getting used to the innersoles rather nicely now.