Marathon Plan

Fastest season best for 300m = 39.29 4/9/12
Fastest season best for 280m = 36.85

36.85 divide by 280 and times by 300 = 39.48

I’m ready to knock my Tartan 300m time down a couple of seconds…

Got it! Thanks Bold!

45min of running circuits

I had a solid workout planned, but the park was taken over, and only had a small section to work with,
30min of running circuits

600m time trial
Warm up included a 200m to find my rhythm pace
Was just behind pace that i wanted at 400m - but at 400m, i was already feeling the effects of La+…
At 480m, the La+ had become unbearable… so pulled up at 500m
Not very happy
Due to the hammie issue - the only real La+ work i have done has been slower reps / short recovery. Or faster reps with longer recovery which don’t produce the required La+ buffering.
Found the times
200 - 28.34
400 - 30.05
100 - 15.66

My La+ tolerances at speed OVER 40sec in duration is almost non existent.
Hammie is about 98% better now.
I have time to knock out another 3 La+ sessions before Pan Pac Masters.
Fitness is there, speed is there - just no La+ tolerance

Fri am.

40min of running circuits

Sadly - i also thought i had 2 more weeks from today - but, it’s only 1 week away… (pan pacs)

Fri - pm.

vo2max workout
Found a new park, it wasn’t flat, not by a long shot, but, it did have a cement walking path that was a large circle, around 220m around (no straights)

43min all up workout, then abs and stretches
5 laps, then 2laps recovery. Lap times - 37, 40, 39, 40, 41
4 laps, then 1.5laps recovery. Lap times - 37, 40, 42, 43,
3 laps, then 1 lap recovery. Lap times - 37, 37, 39
2 laps, then 1 lap recovery. Lap times - 37, 37
1 lap. Lap time - 33

Often during, as there was 6 of doing this, plus an old couple walking, plus a guy with a dog on a 2m long leach… I would have to run extra wide, typically twice on each lap, sometimes very wide (hence why the laps are fairly inconsistent)

Sat and Sun

Weekly total - 4hrs and 1minute

300m time trial (on tartan)
Very windy day
According to GPS - which averages speed over what appears to be 5sec
I hit a max speed of 35.35km/hr
The problem being, i hit that speed in the 1st 150m, then died badly in the last 100m. Real badly…
Just need to get my pacing over these distances and i’ll be sweet.

10 x 40sec tempo runs (not sure of distance, there were two sharp 100deg turns which slows things down to a slow jog…
with around 60-90sec recoverys.
Pretty easy tempo, no drama

Pan pacific Races start
Sat = 800m
Sun = 4km cross country
Mon = 1500m a.m. - 60m lunch - 400m about 2pm

Pan pacs
Age group 35-39
We ran two groups together, also 30-34 (the outside 3 lanes were all doubled up, so 11 starters)
Came 4th over line, and 3rd in group
Complete lack of racing and i let it slip around 220 to go
About 3min after race, started coughing like a dog, this lasted 1\2hr or longer and non stop. Then continued all day but only every now and then.
4km cross country
No big hills, no flat areas either. Just constant up or down.
It sure took it out of me, the constant pace changing
The last 1km was pretty horrid
4th overal (every age group in bunch start) and 3rd in catagory

1500m is today.
Woke up exhausted
Calfs are sore to walk so cupping till they came good.
Still, a good warm up and should do ok??

Good job on the two bronze medals. I’m not sure if I would do the 1500 with sore calves, but I would definitely not do the sprints. This is an injury waiting to happen, most likely an achilles injury which may take forever to fix.


Cupping did a fairly good job - got me around the 1500m - although not fast… 1st two laps were good, then around 2 laps to go, the legs had enough - finished 4th in 4min 34
1st two guys ran 4min 15’ish - i was right on their shoulders(basically in lane 2) till legs started giving me curry
The two sprints - well, i’m now 200km away… So no chance of running them :slight_smile:
As soon as i woke up this morning, i’m like “hmmm, looks like no sprints today” - as soon as i finished the 1500m, i’m like, “not if they paid me”

The feeling i got from this carnival was
It reminded me of when i first started track - it’s all good fun, it hurts, but - felt Slow… Even worse now, as i used to run OK (800m in 1;51) Now i’m like a rank beginner
The good news - I raced a few others who were ex fast, eg, 1:47 800m guy and i was only a few seconds off him. And nobody really blew me away that puts me off

There don’t seem to be many who make it through all their events at these masters things…

On sat, before the race - I was stressed out to the max. Not for nerves for the races, but, driving for a few hrs in stupid traffic (with three kids), ordered a coffee and it took 25min…
The start was delayed 40min. Seems everything i did that day before the race, involved Delays outside of my control - and it started to piss me off…
And i don’t think i really recovered from that point on.

Tue - Wed - Thur = Days off. Getting therapy cupping and it’s working a Treat.

Fri - “ran” around during morning training, more really just showing a couple of new girls how to train, just enough to flush the legs out.
Might do the same this arvo? or might just have it off…

Writing up goals for the next 6 x months. Ending with a 10km run as part of a triathlon team (an event we have won as a team for the last two years)
Goal will be as close to 30min for 10km as i can.
Main volume work will be race pace training intervals.
200m at 36sec
300m at 54sec
400m at 72sec
600m at 1min 48sec
800m at 2min 24sec
1km at 3min

So example - doing a workload of 6-8km
Cycle 1
30 x 200’s at 36sec with 36sec recovery
Once mastered, move onto
cycle 2
20 x 300’s at 54sec with 1min recovery
Once mastered, move onto
cycle 3
15 x 400’s at 72sec with 72sec recovery
Once mastered, move onto
Cycle 4
10 x 600m at 1;48 with 2min recovery
Once mastered, move onto
Cycle 5
10 x 800m at 2min 24 with 2:24 recovery
Once mastered, move onto
Cycle 6
8 x 1km at 3min with 3min recovery

So - that gives 1 month to master each cycle and include a deload week before the main 10km

Each week - include a Fast 280m or 200m run

Each week - include a Time trial over various distances - eg, 2km, 3km, 4km, 5km, etc - am thinking - to organise a group of runners and run it Handicapt. eg, the slowest starts on Zero, and the fastest might start 15min later. With the goal we all cross the line within a few seconds of each other

Each week - include One long run (this might include a few bursts at race pace, but without letting the Heart rate get into La+ zone)

The other thing i’ll be training acording to my body PH levels. (acid or base)
so example,
If i’m struggling to get out of Acid and into neutral (7.2-7.3ph) then i’ll run it easy.
If i’m around the right zone (7.2-7.3ph) then i’ll do a work set.
Hard La+ training will create lower PH - or more acids.

So - each cycle starts with Harder La+ sets,
an example,
30 x 200’s might be too hard ATM - so it might be, 3 sets of 10 reps ATM - and producing La+
But, by the time i’m running 30 x 200’s it’ll be much easier, and therefore Less La+ -
So -
More La+ means ill be running these during the week maybe 2-3 times
As i adapt, and they become easier, and more aerobic, I’ll be able to do them 4-5 times a week
As such
Cycle 200’s
Week 1 might see say 40km weekly total
week 2 might see say 50km
week 3 might see say 60km
week 4 mgiht see say 70km
week 5 = deload - 50km
New cycle (300’s)
week 6 mgiht see 60km weekly total
week 7 mgiht see 70km
week 8 might see 80km
week 9 might see 90km

Or week 6 might re drop back down to 40km? or 50km? It depends on the Acid/base balance and recovery.

A sample beginning week might be
Mon - Recovery day or OFF / swim
Tue - 3sets of 10 x 200’s
Wed - 2 sets of 12 x 200’s and 1 set of 6 x 200’s
Thur - Recovery run / swim
Fri - 280m Time trial - 3 sets of 10 200’s
Sat - 3km time trial
Sun - Long 1.5hr jog with 10 x 200’s with longer recoverys, perhaps 5min

And then by the end of the 1st cycle
mon - recovery day or off / swim
Tue - 1 set of 30 x 200’s
Wed - 280m TT with 1 set of 30 x 200’s
Thur - revovery day
Fri - 1 set of 30 x 200’s during a 15km run
Sat - 5km tt
Sun - 1.5hr run, with 30 x 200’s during the run - eg, 30min run then 30 x 200’s, then 30min run

Fri P.m.

[li]200’s, grass, straight. [/li][li]35-36sec with the wind[/li][li]37-38sec against the wind [/li][li]36sec rests [/li][li]18 x 200’s - Skipped the next Two[/li][li]8 x 200’s [/li][li]2 x 150’s [/li][/ul]

Didn’t really La+ out, more just ran out of steam, hurt chest/lungs

5km all up
2.5km time trial (i think that’s the distance?? - out on the road)

10km jog
Dismal effort.
Havnt been for a jog in Ages - and it really shows.
Fat stores forgot how to work…

20 x 200’s on a track - but in joggers.
Except for the 1st two, they were all within +/- half a second of Goal 36sec.
Got pretty hot by 14, also didn’t have time to hit out all 30 reps - had to get to work

50min of running circuits

15 x 280’s with 1min 50sec recoverys
5 x 280’s with 60sec recoverys

Got pretty good at keeping right on target time (50.40)
And even the last 5, where i droped the recovery time, i knocked off a few faster by a second and the last one was 5sec faster.
Ready to hit that with 60sec recoverys for the entire lot.


Fri, am,
10x 390m @ 68sec

7 x 400m at 72



2 x 600m
Was stupidly hot.
Was on target times, but couldnt cool off.

50min running circuits

3 500s
Was smashed by the 500s.
All with 2min recoveries.

4km jog then swim

Fri am
Easy recovry session, lower legs been hating me this week.

Fri pm

200m work - 100m jog (as above) 10 reps of 200m
Avg jog time was 38-41sec
Max HR 163
36 is my goal speed - so finally hitting rep speed.

Sat - Off

Sun -
45min of pacing out others over 280m.
For them it was Time trials, for me, it was rep speed. Felt pretty solid

Mon -
20min Jog - midday run, followed by a short cool swim.

Tue -
5 x 420m reps (on mostly cement/tarmac)
A few sharp corners also, slows things down a little.
Right after the reps, we did 1 min of exercises, eg, burpees, or squat jumps etc.
Felt pretty hard and developed a bit of La+

Been awhile since i was last on this computer…
Perhaps i need to spend some time setting up my Galaxy Note?

800’s - around a park and roads - so not Flat. - goal speed is 2;24
1st - 2;28
rest - 6;26
2nd - 2;27
rest - 6.44
3rd - 2.26

Finished - total session, 53min


running circuits for 44min

4km run and 4km of tempo


1hr bike ride - with some intervals thrown in.

Weekly total
4hrs 11min


50min of running circuits

800’s - Same as last wed
1st - 2;26
rest - 7;20
2nd - 2;24
rest - 6;00
3rd - 1;31 (had to stop at 550 to race to toilet…)
rest - unsure - around 6-7min?
4th - 2;25
rest - 7.40
5th - 2;09 (stopped about 50m to go, back cramps and the headache i had all session was tooooo much)
rest - 8;22
6th - 2;59 (tried to pace a fellow to 3.08 - just couldn’t run that slow…)


run throughs and then 400’s - goal pace 72sec
1st - 68
rest - 2;18
2nd - 67
rest - 2;41
3rd - 69
rest - 2.59
4th - 68
rest - 3.07
5th - 68
rest - 3.34
6th - 69

Same session as above
rest - 43
rest - 36
rest - 38
rest - 38
rest - 36
rest - 39
rest - 32
rest - 36
rest - 33

So, still getting faster - and recovery jogs are getting Faster and therefore less time :slight_smile:


10km run
33 deg C heat - hilly. So was pretty slow. 43min.
Didn’t push it hard

Weekly total
4hr 1min.

20min of weights (have started doing some basic weights the last 10days, maybe 2 x week)

41min of tempo
Very humid - very hard to breath.
A very slack session made very hard via humidity…

Jog 5:48
Jog 6:08
Jog 6:00
Walk 6:09 stomach cramps
5:56 Stand, heat and stomach cramps
Stand 7:10

Finished with chin ups and push ups.

What’s with the stomach cramps??

Still been training - been very busy of late
1 - turning my Personal training studio into a little Gym
2 - Christmas and new years

ATM - am working on regaining my aerobic zone, so km volume will go up, and overall intensity will go down.
I’ll still keep 1-2 vo2max or threshold runs each week.
The extra km will consist of Hard aerobic runs. NOT long slow runs, but, long fast runs (just not going into La+ zone)

Knocked out just over 1hr on Wed (and it was hot too)
Planning on heading out for another 1hr run tonight after work.

As a side note- i reached up to 22 chin non stop chin ups just before Christmas :slight_smile:

impressed with the chins and training in the heat there, well done. I thought you ran a gym already? :confused:

Cheers John
I own a Personal Training studio for the last 3yrs, thats been active for the last 10yrs. So, it’ll be purely a small scale gym. 100-200 people (hopefully)

Hornblower = cramps from heat, late lunch n long hard reps :slight_smile:

Thurs, plan was 1hr run, heat was terrible, so walked instead

Fri am
50min of non stop running circuits, 8km
Fri pm
1hr of split runs 1km, road based, so not flat.
800m / 30sec recovery / 200m
10min of hiding from the sun…
For 3 reps.
1st = 2:25 / rec / 37
2nd = 2:20 / rec / 38 (course record over 800m)
3rd = 2:24 / rec / 38 (pace for 800m is goal pace for 10km)

Very hot day. A.m. training we all sweated like we went swimming, probably been drier swimming…
Pm hotter, so we stood around between reps trying to cool off.

45min run
Nearly killed my brother, he was dying big time from heat. We found a tap at 30min, cooled down and resumed.

The heat has been insane. I dont mind it this year, unlike the last 10yrs where its been a Hate every summer.
Worked hard on fixing an under active thyroid, and keeping the bidies Ph levels in check.
The work has paid off, and a lot of other side effects from fixing those issues have pleasently turned up. Good side effects :wink: