Managing Life

Today at football we had a passing scrimmage v.s. a local team. Before hand we did some upper body lifting, don’t remember the exact weights, but here was the exercise list:

  1. Incline Bench (messed up angle, hardest incline EVER) 2 x 6
  2. Partner (towel) resisted arm curls and tricep extensions - 1 minute each
  3. Lat Pulldown 1 x 12
  4. Horizontal Row (hammer strength machine) 1 x 12
  5. Finger Tip Push/ups? Yeah smart. 1 minutes
  6. Upright Row 1 x 12
  7. Shoulder Press 1 x 12

thats a horrible workout


Why is it a horrible workout? Be specific.


for football? wheres the actual strength work its just another lazy hs football coach thinking their helping their athletes.

I know it is, today was even worse. I am doing extra on the side though starting this weekend, but my program is based simply on trying to recover from the shit they give us. HIT weight lifting baby :rolleyes:

Position work for a while and then a core workout that was actually pretty good.

“Throwdown” leg raises with a partner.
-Left, Front, Right
Went through each twice for 1 minute.

1 minute front, 40 seconds left and 40 seconds right. Went through twice. This was after a partner medball workout with:

Twists (giving medball to parter and receiving) 2 x 1 minute each way.
Medball sit-ups 30 seconds
Partner medball throws: 15 each
Partner medball throws while shuffling: 15 each

Pretty dumb workout with some towels.
Partner resisted shrugs, curls, tricep extension, lateral raises, front raises, and rows. About a minute each and then the grand finale of this part of the workout:
Fingertip push-ups: 2 x 1 minute

More position work for an hour and a half or so and then:
15 x 40yards with 30 seconds between reps. 100% effort. Died.

Did get a 20 minute icebath afterwards, along with some stim on my hamstrings 3 hours later. Deep tissue massage tomorrow, probably more stim recovery for my hams and maybe hips. Tempo and more low intensity work as well.


Warm-up then:
10 x 100m barefoot tempo on a soft turf. Very slow, around 50% with 30 second recoveries. Low % because my hams were still destroyed from Monday.

About an hour later I had a deep tissue massage along with lots of stretching (AIS and other techniques) with a great therapist. Guy used to work with some pro vball players and really knew his stuff. Feel much better.

Afterwards I iced my hams and abs a bit.

i love this, heeh its funny cause that happened to me so many times as well.

Hey davan nice to see you up and about. So your back from S.America? Maybe you should also make a journal on too. We really miss your helpfulness at that site. Keep up the training and good luck with your football season