Managing bodyweight

Hi guys,

just wondering if you blokes will fill me in on some secrets to managing bodyweight.

I am currently 74-75kgs and want to compete at a much lower weight.

I have lost about 2kgs of fat but I havent lost any weight, as apparently my diet was so bad prior to “dieting” that I have put on lean bodyweight just from eating more protein etc…

Now thats all well and good, but I would prefer to be alot lighter…sub 70 would be GREAT!!!

so how do you boys manage weight to compete at a good bodyweight (ie light!).

Should I just keep going with the nightmare style of diet and hopefully things will change for the better?


No nutritional guidance from me ,but what about tempo?
Tempo 3 days a week every week does it for me. I’m “overweight” now because I didn’t do enough tempo during the competition phase.

good point!

I am doing three sessions per week and am as fit as I have ever been, I might up the volume a little and run some longer (200-300) type reps more often and see if that has any effect.

If only I could run at 69kgs, I am sure I would fly! :smiley:

Aussiebrad be careful! losing Bf is great but muscle mass is a different issue and must be addressed carefully.whats your meals like at the moment,tells us your ususal days plan and portions etc.don’t go losing valuable muscle mass when its not needed,it will effect your strenght levels if not done properly!


I am not intending to loose muscle, but some water (to a point) and fat loss would be great…I guess I will just have to keep eating salad and copious amounts of protein and see how my weight goes…

do any of you guys drop water pre race?

If so how?

the main thing to keep in mind before competing for track is to make sure you are hydrated.dehydration will cause major problems while trying to perform such a rigorous event,so drinking sufficent amounts water is a must.

i find green tea great for passing out excess water retention.give it a try but not everyones cup of tea!!

funny you should mention that, I have a box of green tea sitting next to me at my desk :smiley:

oh and after a good tempo sessions and a few cups, I am down to 73.6kgs… 69kgs here I come :stuck_out_tongue:

Im no sprinter but you should only shoot for less than half a kilo of weight loss per week. Take 12 weeks and you should not lose any performance or muscle mass

If performance seems to dip then you shouldnt be that light im afraid

Brad the first few days are the easiest in terms of weight loss as it is more than likely water retention but the GT will sort that out.progression after that won’t be as quick,good luck

Now what if someone were trying to lose some muscle mass. I myself am 5’11" and weigh around 200-205lbs. I have a fair amount of usless hypertrophy and am looking to streamline. There used to be a thread or two about this topic but I cant find them. Now I know what looks right flies right, so would adding SE2 into my program help streamline my physique? I was thinking of running SE2 btw 400-600m x2 in a session twice a week. Would this help at all?

maybe eating the calories for what you “think” you should weigh would help along with normal training and less weights, or only weights from strength in the critical areas ie a 2+1 type arangement.

Then, your other muscle, if not being used (wolfs law) will shrink and you might loose a bitof muscle.

I am not 100% sure this is the right way to do it but its probably the way I would do it (though I have no reason whatsoever to loose muscle as there aint enough on me!).