Man with the yellow hat.

What nationality is the man with the yellow hat from “Curious George” books?


Can’t be British, cause they’re driving on the right side of the street. Besides, the author wrote the books in the US.

Charlie do you have kids or do you still read Curious George?

He wears all yellow and a cowboy hat and walks around with a monkey, it’s obvious he is either from Key West or San Francisco.

nooo he’s not from the US

Yes. My son just turned 5 and, yes, I read it myself. The original stories are so old that they were around when I first started to read (I was just under 20 at the time)

Good point about location! No, Krasnayafleur, he’s not from Aus. They drive on the left too!

Incredible, Charlie! I thought MSU was easy to get in to, I should have applied to Stanford.

Prophet, you beat me to it. I was thinking along the same lines. :eek:

no no no he CAN’T be from the US… don’t ruin my childhood :frowning:


Do you have the picture of curious george with dumbbells and a physioball…up in toronto you showed us the overhead and it was side splitting funny…could rupert scan it if he is not too busy?

Actually, the author, H.A. Rey, was a WW1 vet from Germany, who fled persecution to the US when the Nazis came to power.

I think I pissed off half the physios at SWISS with that one. I’ll ask Rupert, but it might be a pain in the butt.