Male Long Jump Clips???

Thor, guess this could be directed towards you cos you seem to have alot of clips.

do you have any male long jump clips at all for me to download?

i can never find any of the olympics and such

Have you seen these clips?

tj2k, thanks for the vids.

What are your sprint times like (60m/100m)? That jump of you looks excellent. You carried almost 100% of your approach speed off the board. At first I thought it was like 6.40 (it looked slow to me at first) but then realized it’s probably over 7m.

that jump was 7.20m
i still reach too much tho and my last 2 steps are slow
my ht 30m time is 3.72
my 60m time is only 7.15 because i have only ran it once (last year)
my 100 meter time from last year was 11.1 but i only ran it 3 or 4 times in my life aside form 4x1

this year i was hurt the entire year in university and i only competed in 3 meets after my hernia surgery i should be back for good…

thanks for your comments by the way

any suggestions?

Is 7.20m your PR? I think your reaching on your last two steps is simply a result of your distance from the board at that point. If you want to force a shorter last 2 strides, simply make sure you’re closer to the board 2 strides out and shorten your steps so that you don’t foul. Generally it is agreed that your last 2 steps should be long,short but remember Bob Beamon’s last 2 steps were short,long when he destroyed Mexico City!

Having a longer foot contact on your last 2 strides may slow you down a bit which isn’t desirable, but it does give you more time to produce vertical force. It’s always a tradeoff. Run slow with high trajectory or run fast with low trajectory. Also, it doesn’t always matter what your maximum speed it. What matters is how much controlled speed you have at takeoff.

I think that improving your velocity at takeoff a bit will help as long as you still feel comfortable at takeoff.

thanks for the clips guys