malachi davis

hello all,
I heard that malachi davis from ucla has become is running for great britain. Does this mean he is no longer an american citizen ?

Malachi Davis is officially a British citizen and also an American one too…he holds dual nationality. Just like me (British and Trinidadian). It has been taken with mixed emotions over here…I don’t see what the big problem is…the guys Mother is British. If he was 100% US without an ounce of British in him and we ‘bought’ him then I would understand an uproar…The bottom line is he’s got British blood in him and he ran the qualifying time.Let the guy run and do himself and country proud. No doubt the British media are waiting for him to fail and in true media style I can see the headline: America born sprinter slips in Greece

If he does well he’ll be known as Brit Malachi brings home the Gold.

i was born in england too but i am training for me to participate in the commonwealth games for sierra leone because my parents were born there and get a dual nationality.