Major League Gaming (MLG)

I dont know if anyone here is a Halo fan, but i hope there are some. There are two brilliant games for the xbox, three great novels, and a whole community of halo fans out there. Art, contests, tourniments, cos-play, ring-tones, movie(to be released), big cash prizes, forums, statues, you name it.

On May 9th, Bungie (the creators of Halo) announced that their next project was Halo 3, and thus the trilogy will be complete. It will not be released for another year, but a trailer has been released

Whether you like the game or not, this is a great trailer, great music, great graphics, its one not to miss.

Hope you enjoy, I did, a tear came to my eye when the piano hit that key note, and the main character, the Master Chief himself appeared on screen, battle worn and all.