That guys is one of the skinniest sprinters that can run that fast. How strong do you think he actually is? I was just looking at his pictures at his website,

here is the attachment:

This came to me via a scanned fax from a Montreal Newspaper. Old news, yes, but interesting to see the form of the near photo finish of the Mexico 100m race last Saturday:

(does anyone know the Lane assignments, other than lane 1?)


  1. N Macrozonaris (Canada) 10.03
    2, T Montgomery (USA) 10.04
    3, J Drummond (USA) 10.07
    4, C Miller (USA) 10.07
    5, E Uchenna (Nig) 10.19
    6, D Campbell (GB) 10.24
    7, T Douglas (Holland) 10.47

This reminds me of something Charlie posted awhile back, to the effect that sprinters who run wind aided times often eventually repeat those times in legal conditions. At last year’s Canadian Championships, Nic ran a wind-aided 9.92s 100m in winning the meet. Looks like he is approaching that time already. Is a legal sub 10s 100m in store for him this year?

9.91 actually! I see no reason why he shouldn’t at some point this year. Half the guys in the field he beat already have. He must be ready, After all, everyone couldn’t have had a bad day at the same time.

Check out:

Interesting contrast in physiques!

Higher strength to weight ratio.