Mac Holiday Classic (armory)

The 60 final results are not posted. Winner went 6.69

300m was insane. The winner is a high school kid who broke the nys 100 record last season. I finished 17 in the 300 and came back 15 mins later to LJ nad barely be able to run down the runway.

Also, id like to know what you guys think. I took my 300 splits off video and they were 11.6 11.4=23.0 and I came back in 13.1 for a total of 36.1 and 36.33 fat.

Is coming back in 13.1 a bit slow???

I havent done any special endurance over 150 this year yet.

Since the 300 is a very rare event and I only run it once a year my pr. is 36.18. and my indoor 200 pr is 22.54.

It looks a little slow to me, but then again your not a quarter miler so i’m not sure that you should be concerned with your 300.

I know but I wanna be sure I am able to finish my 200. Two years ago when I ran 36.18 the first meet I ran 22.54 indoors and last year when i ran 36.33 I ran 22.62. My goal this year is to go 22.3x. I think with a little more speed end and a combo of spe end 1 and 2 ill be able to do so.
Also last year I split 50.7 indoors on a relay. Id like to break 50 indoors on a relay as well.