LT slow bulk diet

I am going to be a LT in college next year( football). I am currently 255 and 6-4. I was wondering if you can take a look at my scheme and tell me what you think as far as slowly putting on weight so it is clean weight, not sloppy.

Meal 1: protein bar, 20 oz. ff milk
meal 2: 10 egg whites, 2 yolks, 4 oz. ham
meal 3: 2 slices ww bread, luncheon meat, 1/2 cup lf or ff cottage cheese, 20 oz. ff milk
meal 4: postworkout shake( 60-70 grams protein)
meal 5: 10-12 oz lean meat, veggies
meal 6: Kashi Go-lean cereal(2 cups) , 24 oz. ff milk.

Ditch the protein bar, and opt for quality sources of whole grains and protein, such as oatmeal and whey or some such combination.

Are you going to eat that everyday?

Why? He’s bulking.

I wouldn’t bulk like that, it looks like there’s no taste in it? Maybe you like it, I don’t know.

If you’re bulking, you don’t have to be too strict. Just don’t go crazy.

I only measure out protein when I bulk.

Well like I said this is a slow bulk because I am already 255 now. I plan on being 270 by the season. I want to gain no more than 3-4 pounds a month. Yes for the most part this is everyday but I will add in other foods than compensate for other as far as macronutrients. For my last meal, the kashi I like because it has a shit load of fiber and it keeps me full, or I might have some other meal that is almost identical to it such as meal 3, because it pairs fiber and casein to keep me full for the night. I will cheat now and again but nothing too bad, such as some bbq flavored nuts, natty PB, or some other type of whole foods with healthy fats. I like these because they keep me feeling healthy but trick my brain into thinking they aren’t.

I doubt if that’s enough food to put on any weight in fact i’d be highly surprised if you don’t lose weight.

With any good lean gaining plan gains don’t come quite so linearly (e.g. 1 lb per week). Rather they tend to come in spurts.

Starting from maintenance and going into a good leaning gaining plan with around 300 calories above maintenance, you’ll probably notice a 3-5 lb weight gain your first week which will mostly be glycogen storage and water weight. Don’t freak out about that it’s expected. From that point on, as long as your diet is right, the scale will tend to level out for a period of time and then bump up a couple of lbs all at once every couple of weeks. As long as your increasing poundages every week and making consistent progress on the scale every coupld of weeks keep at it. When you reach a bodyweight plateau that lasts longer then a couple of weeks or a strength plateau, it’s time to bump up the calories again.

Yeah I gained about 3-4 pounds my first week and felt the water weight. However, since I at weights 4 times and week and 30 minute speed and agility 3 times and week I think I should be at a surplus of 1,500 calories or so a week. SO every 2 weeks I should be gaining around a pound. I really don’t have that much to gain hence my extremely slow approach. 15 pounds is not that much in what, 6 months. My strength has been going up thus far.

Not enough carbs in there looks like… I’d add in grains somewhere… looks like it’s almost too high of a protein diet; where are you going to get your energy from?

I get about 250-300 grams total of carbs so I think it is OK.

another question, how does track athletes cope with “bulking” i mean gaining fat is a no-no so…?

I have a question: does macro’s make that much of a difference. I mean the ratio’s of fat/protein/carbs. I don’t count anything but protein because the other stuff drives me crazy. My goal is to get bf down to 10% and be around 260 pounds. I am currently at 250 and I would say honestly about 20-21 percent. I feel like crap. I am getting faster and stronger, but my main concern is being healthy. I did the BFS diet and it worked for getting me stronger but I lost muscle mass or thought I did, it might have been fat. Is is a good diet to follow for a football player? I want to gain weight but not if it is going to be fat.

Diet has been going well. I am at 251 as of yesterday. I was 248 2 weeks ago. This is the type of progress i want. I am going to stop the protein bar after tomorrow( no more) and just use the same schedule of meals just without the 1st one being the bar and milk. My meals will be:
meal 1: 10 egg whites, 3 yolks, 2 organic tortillas, 20 oz. ff milk

meal 2: 2 slices ezekiel bread, meat of some kind, 1 cup ff cottage cheese

meal 3: orgain tortilla, meat of some kind, 20 oz. ff milk, 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese

meal 4: postworkout shake

meal 5: meal of some kind, green veggies, 20 oz. ff milk

meal 6: natty pb on 2 slices ezekiel bread, 1 cup ff cottage cheese, 20 oz. ff milk.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Have you been eating the same thing every day? Looks monotonous, even at every meal it’s almost the same thing… I see no fruits in there and hardly any vegetables… How much protein are you taking in per day?

It looks like your eating very clean. You will need about 3500 calories surplus a week to put on 1 pound of weight. I would up your calories 500 a day. After a week or 2 up it again. It will take a lot of work to keep upping this so you may need to add more shakes to get those calories. I would try and have 3 whole food meals and 3 large shakes. Also postworkout have your biggest shake and biggest meal this will help your body grow faster. I would also add in some good fat( flax oil, fish oil) for extra calories. And at 6-4 270 is a little small to play tackle. Eat like a tackle and get to 300 you will lose alot of weight in camp and im sure you wont be able to eat the same as you are now.

I would definitely add some fruit and good fats in there, and maybe some more veggies if you aren’t eating big servings of them at dinner.