LT help

Hi I am new to the site and need some help. I am a going to JUCO football next semester and switching from DE/TE to LT to get more offers. I am currently 6-4, 250 pounds and I figure to put on another 10 pounds for the season of muscle. I am around 18-20 percent right now maybe less because of bloating from my supplements. I am doing speed work 5 days a week, and weights 6 days a week. I eat 6-7 meals a day that equal about 3,800-4,200 calories in order to pack on muscle. I get about 350 grams of protein or more. What should I focus on to show coaches at 4-year schools? I am pretty quick not too fast, about 5.0-5.1 on a good day. Do you think I should focus more on strength and power than speed and agility or balance the two. I rep 225 15 times currently.

You can’t really do high quality speed work 5 days a week (especially at your size), so you should probably change that to a 3-day a week speed program. What’s your lifting routine like? Give us more specifics on your routine. I think you should focus on developing your abilities to a maximum capacity, it seems like your training is a little watered down because of how often you’re training. What are your max lifts at? When you weigh 250 doing 225 15 times isn’t that good, QUIKAZHELL has done 225 22 times at a bodyweight of 155 pounds. 5.0-5.1 isn’t a bad time for your size but you are pretty light for a LT. Do you have access to good facilities?

Good advice from SPEEDKILLS.
BTw Ive done 225 20 times;) not 22 thanx though!!
To see what a guy of his size should be doing take a look at the weight and position of guys who were in the combine. Id say for his size 20 would be decent. Most back weighing 190-220 did between 12 and 25 reps. But obviosuly 1 rep max means alot more. What is your 1 rep max BigPhill?

Im an Offensive Tackle, and dude you gotta work on your footwork a lot! Theres some good advice above but need to know more about your lifting so you can pack on some more pounds to play tackle.

Well I lift monday through saturday, sunday is off. I was stronger but I took a year off from football after a ACL and MCL tear. I focused on just getting into shape because i wasn’t sure how fast I would recover. I do:

day 1: 20 sets chest
20 sets back
10 sets abs
10 sets calves
day 2: 20 sets shoulders
20 sets tris
20 sets bis
day 3: 40 sets legs
10 sets abs
10 sets calves
repeat routine

I know I have a long way to go as far as reps. My max is around 320 now. However, 3 months ago I was only doing 275. I have farmer genes so I gain strength and muscle/size easily. When I do speed and agility it isn’t always scheduled out of what I am going to do. I usually do something different every time. Like this is my first week. Wednesday was my second day this year I have done speed and agility( easing back into it) and I did 5 sets of stadium stairs and 1 set of 100 yard lounges. I will increase every week depending on how i feel. I have been putting up more weight much easier on all my exercises every week. I really try to focus on flexibilty and mobility. Also, you have to remember I am just starting to get back into it.

My immediate solution:
Read through the forum and find a coaches advice that you think makes sense and bug the hell out of them until they do a program for you.

hmmm dont like the program… especially since its for sports ie strength and power…

I switched my workout to push/pull principles where monday and thursday and push and tuesday and friday and pull. I do my complex lifts to begin with then move into 2 to 1 bodypart movements. I do speed and agility monday, wednesday, friday after weights. I also do about 300 reps of core every weight training day. Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday I don’t lift, and saturday and sunday I am completely off for recovery.