lower back pain while doing tempo

I just recently added 100m/200m ext tempo as a means of recovery to my training plan. As the session progresses ,I have tightening in my lower back which grows in to pain. Is the a sign of bad mechanics, poor core stength, problem with pelvic tilt or all of the above ? Should i stop the session? What are some suggested remedies, or is this normal?

Do you still follow a typical warm up session prior to the start of tempo?

Id say most of all core strength. That used to happen to me before i ever did any core work.

i used to have aweful lower back pain while jogging,tightness increasing to the stage were i had to stop.my therapist gave me a variety of ab exers to do and i haven’t looked back since.posture is very important and do not neglect your ab work!

agreed… i still get a lot of lower back pain and stiffness, and i have always thought it was due to lack of core strength.

I used to have that but I think doing Brazillain Ju-Jitsu for awhile strengthined my core enough for lower back pain not happen at all.

I still do.

The likelihood that is core strength is high, but it could relate to areas outside of this.

I have lower back problems (spent a year not allowed to exercise, due to fractured vertebra).

My core is not necessarily my problem - tightness of hips, legs and lower back is though

i still do my standard practice warm up…nothing special 800m jog few running drills stretch and tempo session + core work. Pain starts even before doing core work.

what type of ab exercises…maybe I will look @ substituting some of them to strengthen abs.

The reason I ask is that I was asked this same question the day before and when discussing various issues, I found out that on tempo days he was going to the track and jumping right in to the workout without following his daily warm-up routine. In his situation, core strength was not an issue, but the lack of warm-up was.
Core strength could very well be the culprit.
What mediums do you have for regeneration? EMS? Massage?

DMA stretch man, you gotta stretch it’s so important especially for a guy like me who gets tight easily. I’m stretching like crazy now.

Agree T2.

unfortuntely at 9pm at night after training. The choice of eating or stretching - eating wins every time.

It is important though to remember you can’t one and not the other.

I was told by a physio, that most injuries are caused by a lack of strength or flexibility. The former for females and the latter for males

eat and stretch at the same time. Eat a little, stretch a little. Stretch during the day or during training.

Yeah no worries.

Runfast,i do alot of pilates exercises which are fantastic and demanding but the results in strenght and appearence are great.i also incorporate some gym ball stabilizers and med ball work.nothing reallly different in which i could point out but rather a variety which i find is the best.

variety IS the spice of life!

I have to say that now you guys bring it up I have noticed less hamstring and back problems since doing regular med ball workouts…

I guess when pain isnt there you dont miss it, so I am all for adding some core stuff and also increasing your stretching/warm down routine in number of stretches and time.