Lower back pain HELP

its not great or massive pain but its keeping me aware. I been doing lots of squats so thats teh culprit and my good-morining style squat isnt helping either. So today i get this light tingling sometimes mild piercing pain that runs to my buttocks down to my leg when i walk. I get a slight burn sensation very light when i brush the skin at my lower back. Although i can run and jump fine its just i feel it when i walk. IM gonna take a week or 2 off and try squats again. But im worried i went to see the ART guy and he unlocked my back cause one leg is shorter so i have a pelvis tilt also i have anterior pelvic tilt. He says its a slight compression from the locked back and that its having a nerve reflex or something. HOwever i need second opinions, anybody?

damn man no help, geez

Sounds like you got good advice from your therapist and we can’t second-guess him without the facts. If your technique is poor in the goodmornings, I’d stay well away from them and be sure the squats are done with good technique when you resume them in a few weeks.

Make sure to be patient in coming back. Your squat technique isn’t going to magically improve unless you commit to fixing it. Post video (or a link to video if you can) of your squat.

it is like a goodmorining when i rise from the squat, descend normally then come up with proper technique but my back gives out and my legs go up first then my back stays stagnate for few seconds then rises. I tried fix it many many times but there is nothing to do , box squats everything doesnt do it. It will stay like this, but its gotten worse i guess cause of tight hamstrings which im trying to improve its flexibility as we speak. Its strange if im sitting or walking i feel these little tingly or sharp but not so painful sensations throughout my back and neck down to my glutes and rarely lower left leg. I dont know how long to rest cause i was just getting strong in the squats and this has to happen. im just gonna go to the gym and do some bike or elliptical for 20 mins i suppose till this sensation subsides.

I explained this many times but i have anterior pelvic tilt and my right leg is shorter then my left, so my back locks and i have to get ART and he has to unlock it all the time, it always will lock. I wish i cuold know someone that cuold do that unlock trick he does to me, so i wouldnt have to pay him all the time just to do it. Damn recovery so damn expensive man.

An alternative i did so far for hamstrings is use a table cause my coach knows the PNF exercise for the hams but im not in the track club for now. So i use my table where i stretch press against the table then closeunder it and repeat lengthening the muscles. Any other alternative?

Stop stretching Hams and start stretching psaos - or better still get ART on it

i looked through the sites and found one with a pigeon stance illustrated by Flash. I cant remember the thread but when i stretched it i felt my lower back being stretched, so i assumed the psoas are tight since they might be pulling on my back which is part of the culprit. Another being the locked back i had for AWHILE now which didnt help. I feel as if this is permanent and i can not do squats again at my intensity. Its not painful but the next time something like this happens then im done for. I have no experience with this and with my anterior pelvic tilt and other mechanic issues im unsure what to think what might happen next. Today as i ran down the stairs i felt a little pain in the back of the knee, i think its the peroneal nerve. Its unkown to me this problem.