low hips; triple extension

I have a few runners that run really low. there are some improvements to be made with posture with some but overall it seems as though their hips are too close to the ground to allow for full extension of the leg under COM.
What would you suggest to improve this asap?

Second, what is triple extension?

Triple Extension is full extension at the hip, knee and ankle joints. When you jump triple extension is or should be achieved.

With your athletes use the cues of of stomach tight, back flat, chest and hips tall. I have used all of them in the past. Or just the cue run tall. It may be a strength issue as well.

does this include tilting the pelvis forward and tightening glutes somewhat?

useing cues will help with the low running to an extent. Quick suggested most of the words to key someone to run tall.

But another problem would be the strength issue mentioned above. It’s logical that this may be part of the problem. For example (not being biased just stating an observation): alot of high school girls(not talking about elite runners who could probably beat some guys in the open 100, i am talking about the average high school girl sprinter) anyways alot of high school girls will run with “low hips” and won’t clear there knee with the recovery foot at all, logically they probably arn’t as strong as most decent high school boys runners who during top speed are ussally able to run with “high hips”(not compared to Ato or Ben or anything but you get the idea). I’d suggest incorperateing some form of strength training if it’s not already there. It would hopefully help with the problem.

I think you can work on it somewhat using cues but a lot of it is strength work. Also most atheltes can’t “feel” the position. I have been experimenting with lots of different step up and step through drills to try and help them notice when thier hips are high and when they are low. While I’m not sure if it improves the hip position it at least improves the kinesthetic awareness. I think gymnastics and other coordination drills built into a programme from an early age can help a lot.


Most likely a strength issue. Triple extention should occur naturally - the angle at which this occurs is generally a product of strength, and without enough strength it won’t occur at all.

In some cases it might be a neurological habit, but I’d address strength first.