Lose weight plan

how does this sound:

bmr= 1992
to maintain weight i need: 3585cal
to decrease i need 2868

active days:
300gr protein
250 carb
75 fat

low active days:
300 protein
75 fat
188 carb

what should my grocery list look like to make things easy?

meal 1: protein+carbs no more then 5 fat grms
meal 2: protein+carbs (postworkout) ASAP
meal 3: protein+carbs 60-90min after pwo no more then 5 fat grms
meal 4: protein+fats no more then 10grms
meal 5: protein+fats no more then 10grms
meal 6: protein+fats no more then 10grms

resources I used in making this plan, KB and CT.

I am so serious about this I have told my gf we have to start buying our own groceries bc she eat like shit but doesnt want to change.

If you were really serious I’d give her the flick! lol…

Not exactly practical but she will soon not understand your passion, get fed up, pissed off and break it off with you. The stress is causes is sure to help you lose much weight!

Good luck anyway!

wow, im not that cold blooded. when i first met her she was 5’7 110lb now shes 130’s im trying to give her hints but i cant be too cold blooded bc u know how they are about there weight issues

Suggest that it’d be nice if she helped you reach your goals by participating in your new eating habbits and workouts. If she’s not willing to do that then obviously she doesn’t care about you enough :wink:

I made a pact with my gf that if one of us ever got overweight to the point where we were wary of anything sexual, we’d tell each other. So she knows lol.

Why would she get fed up and leave him because he’s buying different groceries…

lol, shes never leaving esp over something like groceries.

meat, cut the fat off
plenty of veggies
brown rice instead of white
lentals maybe
Extra virgin olive oil
whole foods are best

Is this what you follow bold? You look mighty lean on your avatar! :wink:

:smiley: :smiley:
bwaaa - good one. Im lean, now, but not that lean…

actually, i do follow this a fair bit. Very basic list though. could add
multi grain bread

Cut out
all dairy, well most. Dairy is typically used as a weight gain… protein drinks can be drinken without milk no worries.
Drinking calories, other than the protein drinks, ie, soft drinks, juice, milk etc
deep fried foods
white bread foods

do u think it cost more to eat healthy

no way!! Not here anyway. massive cost savings i recon if you eat healthy. unless your eating out all the time?
i have seen my brothers at times buy $200 worth of “food” and come back with not much. A lot of unhealthy stuff.
My $200 can feed 5 for a week.

Hi tamfb,
Looks good to me and do increase water intake and drink green tea as it is great to burn fat and lose weight. Avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda and I hope you are doing workout to lose weight quickly and effectively.