lose body fat with this diet? need help..

hey, i wanna lose body fat and maintain muscle, heres an example of today

1st meal-woke up ate wheaties with all natural granola bar with red apple with multivitamin

2nd- i dont know what its called, but i ate one of em, its bread with meat wrapped in it (only 15% fat meat) with orange juice and banana

3rd-wheaties cereal, salmon with red rice and some salad to go along with mineral water

4th-fruit (tangerine, apples, banana)

5th- protein shake

what do u think of this? this is what i ate today, any way i can make it better? can anyone give me an example of what i should eat everyday to maintain muscle and lose body fat

Doesnt look to bad. Add another protein shake. It doesnt look like you are getting enought protein. And remember when cleaning up you diet and cutting calories to lose weight the protein consumtion must go up to ensure you are lossing fat and not muscle mass and are recovering properly. John berardi’s site can also give you plenty of nutritional information.

Try also eating fruit on an empty stomach. otherwise the fruit tends to ferment in your gut and go off. takes only like 15 for the fruit too pass, then eat your other items.

how much protien should i consume if i weigh 175 and im 6’2

Athletes usually are around 1.0g/lb. of bodyweight at least. I have read in other places it is suitable enough for active people/athletes to consume 1.6-1.8g/kg of bodyweight. What’s the best way?