Loosing fat

and keeping strength.
The last 2mnths i think its been, i have been attempting to loose bodyfat and maintain strength levels. I was for me, way up to 85kg, or 187lbs but 19.5% fat. I am now down to 80.5 kg or 177lbs and 14.5% fat.
85kg - 19.5% = 68.425kg
80.5 - 14.5% = 68.8275kg

I have cut down gym from 5-6days wk down to twice wk. as maintance. Havnt started actual sprinting yet, a bit of speed endurance and Tempo. About to start ramping it up a touch more, i want to get to approx 9% and 76kg.

What seems to be a touch interesting, i have lost fat, and increased lean size a small touch.
Strength levels are max the same, but rep wise they are better. Endurance in the gym seems better. Taking it slow to loose weight, around 1lb per wk, dont want to attack the muscle.
Once winter is finnished here, 2mnths time, i hope to be lean and ready to start running some good training sessions. by summer, be ready to run some good races??