looking for past WR races

im missing a couple WR 100m races. if anyone could help me find leroy burels 9.90, carls 9.86, donovans 9.84 and tims 9.78 that would be great.

I had posted all the WR videos from Jim Hines first sub-10 in 1968 (9.95) all the way to Bailey’s WR in 1996 (9.84). It could be in the archives section.

i looked thorugh the archives and your posts and didnt see them.

world record races:

4x100m - 37.4 and 37.83 (2 versions)
100m - 9.77 (5 clips), bob hayes 10.0, calvin smith 9.93, carl lewis 9.86 and 9.92, donovan bailey 9.84 (2 clips), James Hines 9.95 (2 clips), Leroy Burrell 9.85 (2 clips) and 9.90s, Maurice Greene 9.79 (5 clips), Tim Monty 9.78,
womens 100m - evylon ashford 10.76, flo jo 10.49, marlies gohr 10.94
110mh - xiang liu 12.91
200m - tommi smith 19.83 (2 clips), mj 19.32 (2 clips)
women 200m - flo jo 21.33 and 21.56 x2
400m - buth reynolds 43.29 and 2 clips of mj 43.18
400m indoor - kerron clement 44.57
400m women - marita koch 47.60
400mh - ed moses 47.02, kevin young 46.78
1000m - noah ngeny 2.11.96
high jump - sotomayer 2.45
high jump women - kosta 2.09
javelin - jan zelezny 98.48
long jump - bob beamon 8.90 (4 clips), mike powell 8.95 (2 clips)
mile - jim ryun 3.51.1, el guerrouj 3.43.13
pole vault women - nicole humbert 4.56, isinbayeva 4.91, 4.93, 5.00 and 5.01
shot put - randy barnes 23.12 (2 clips)
shot put indoor - george woods 22.01
shot put women - ilona slupianek 22.45
triple jump - edwards 18.29 (also his other jum of 18.16m at 95 world champs)

they are all my world record clips…

ahhhh… i want them all.

any way you could get me montys 9.78, and a good version of mos 9.79? mine is crap. id also like bob hayes 10.0, calvin smith 9.93, carl lewis 9.86 and 9.92, donovan baileys 9.84, James Hines 9.95, and leroy burrels 9.90s. theres more non 100m races but im feelin greedy already.

i would be happy to upload them, but i dont have any webspace anymore, so i cant store them anywhere, unless someone is willing to host them for me

I would LOVE to see all those races too, and would be very grateful!

I remember finding the threads with them a few months back, but none of the links worked, obviously, since they had been taken down.

maybe, you can upload this ones in www.megaupload.com

or use www.yousendit.com

if you can get them to me ill be glad to post them again.

in this last server are there limited numbers of download?

yeah yousendit has a limited amount of downloads.

i think that with megaupload theren’t these type of problems

I will gladly host the videos on my website. It is high speed as well on my own server. Private message me