Looking for a coach

Hey every body im in need of professional training asap! If u have any coach’s etc. that would be willing to take on a 19 year old college freshman let me know. My high school pr in the 100m is 10.64, 200m 21.80, in college i have raced in only the 60m going 7.06,6.94,and 6.86. I am looking for brighter pastures than the one im in, if you could refer me to some body or them to me or just have them post a comment. If they really wan to get in contact my cell# is 352-870-0587

What area?

I am refering to training in general, Im allready a work horse, I have good strength one/two rep max, ex:bench 255/squat 475/ clean&jerk 250. I stay relax pretty well and im starting to feel the effects of a high dorsal flex which is allowing me to come up and over alot more fluently. I need better injury prevention and rehabilitation for pre-exsitting injurys that arnt being addressed by the trainers (whom i’ve informed) I allso need better arm drive out of the blocks, and most importantly a coach that will be able to give special attention to when im peeking in certain areas and change the formula so that i dont burn out, instead of just this cookie cutter regieme that im under now.

I think he meant, where are you located?

under location on Austin H.'s profile it says coffyville kansas via gainsville florida…

That’s one helluva commute. I think i know a short cut.


Heck if u know a short cut let me know cause its prty dang far for me! BUt im going to be back in florida sarting for the summer.

So are you looking for a coach in florida or kansas?

I would be looking for a coach in florida, since im only gonna be here for eight more weeks, why whats up you got some one that would be interested?

Hi Austin

Would you consider coming up to Toronto to train on a scheduled basis?


Yes I would be interested in coming up thare on a sheduled basis. That sounds great to me, what do you have in mind? If you want to contact me via phone my # is 352-870-0587. any time is ok to call. I think that this would make comunication go alot more fluently. Well I will be expecting to hear from you shortly.