Long to Short Programme

Could Charlie answer this (or anyone else please chip in). On the 2004 downloads the sample long to short programme for spp2 has 2 days shown dedicated to high intensity work. I presume it is a 5 day programme the same as the short to long. I also presume that 2 other days are taken up by low intensity tempo and general conditioning, making that up to 4 days What do you advocate be done on the 5th day ? If the week was planned in line with the graph as below, how would the rest of the week look ? I reckon logic would make monday a rest day.

tuesday is speed endurance
wednesday tempo (i expect)
saturday special endurance
sunday tempo (i expect)

Also would it be feasible to put a 100/200 runner on to a long to short programme from February if it was felt the short to long method did not suit him.

Monday - speed
tue - tempo
wed - tempo
thurs - speed endurance
fri - tempo
sat - tempo
sun - off

thats how i saw the graphs at the cf seminar on the wkend. The graphs should be emailed to me this wk some time i believe.

If your guys getting trashed from doing a short to long, there is not much point in him continuing along that path… Although cf did say to try to keep doing the one program for the season, then next season change. Perhaps you could, or have tried adjusting things to allow for better recovery?
So long of Feburary is long enough away in time for you to put the long to short plan into action and reap the rewards, otherwise it may be too hard.

Thanks bold, appreciate your help. I wasn’t sure what Charlie’s philosphy on this was. The guy is more of a 200/400 type runner but his weakness is his acceleration/max speed. His max speed has improved but he is still struggling with acceleration. I don’t inted to use high volumes of running and to keep it to 300m maximum distance on the speed endurance. I will post the programme when I get it completed, would like comments. He is hoping to run the British University’s indoors at 60m and 200m in March, too far away to continue with the short to long. I would prefer for him to work straight through to the summer but…

By the way thats a lot of tempo.

It is a lot of tempo ey!
I would imagine you could be throwing in a couple of days of Med ball concentrating workouts in them tempo days… ie, more med ball than tempo running.

As i dont have the charts in front of me, in a long to short, the speed days are approx 300m and the speed end days start from like 600m and work down. Eventually just before the meet you are running on both days, flat out 150’s.
600’s, yes, and fast.

Thanks again Boldwarrior, good idea about the med ball.