Long jumpers?

Is there many long jumpers reading this forum? What are your best results? I jumped 723 cm (+2,6 m/s) at the age of 17 and 738 cm (-0,7 m/s) at 20, but I started to train more seriously one year after that. I’m now 22 and preparing for the European Junior Championships in Germany next summer. I have had some problems with my legs during winter but I’m starting jumping again on beginning of May. On december I ran 20 m max-speed test 1,93 without spike shoes and I’m looking forward to jumping around 780 cm on summer. Any others coming to Germany? :slight_smile:

P.S. Anyone coming to Helsinki on august? I live downtown of Helsinki so ask questions if you like…

Good jump. Im 22 and my best LJ is 6.85 but Ive have had many fouls and many jumps where my foot drags behind just over 7 meters. Train hard and good luck!

Cant read your video file man? Can you forward it via email?

Where you train? Good luck for the Euro’s mate, but dont you mean the Under 23s? That mean you’ll be lookin to do the Senior AAA’s too?

Tomo1 (Triple jumper uk u23)

it looks as almost like u prepare for landing too quickly…like you are rushing your landing…

you have great speed and good ups

have you considered hitch kicking at all? or are you compfortable with what your doing? maybe a hang style would be even better for you.

i jumped just under 7 last year (17 years old) and am looking to improve much this year…GOOD LUCK

You need Quicktime to see the video, check http://www.apple.com/quicktime. Next summer I try to compete in U23 European Championships. And next year hopefully again in Germany.

I train mostly in Helsinki. We have some places to train indoors, the best place is in eastern Helsinki: http://www.hel.fi/liv/kuvat/liikmylly.pdf