LOLO Ready

Are the ladies part of your training RB?

Check out my newest post and sale if you aren’t ‘busyyyyyyyyy’. ALOHA from my place to yours. Toronto has had snow and sub zero weather and not ideal for optimal regeneration without a bit more effort.

"Sprint your own life and race and I guess that is what you are doing RB34. Still don’t like sending others to other places from here but you are bigger ( not stronger LOL) than I am ( would be my guess)

When I come back here soon I will be needing a photographer. Maybe you would like to join me and take some ‘action’ shots. That is if you are good with a camera. LOL

It’s only been 7 years that I am in need of a new avatar for the site. And new cover shot for fb. And… And … and… Ange needs more photos to wake up the sleepy athletes.

I’m very good at taking pics!!!

I never liked LOLO or her attitude.