Lolo jones

What happen to jones in finals?

She hit H9 with her lead foot and almost went down. Had just under a meter lead at that point. Sometimes happens when you are going super fast, you start crowding the later hurdles.

You dont think her pr in the round before finals caused any ill effects?

also whats up with Priscilla Lopes-Schliep block position look kinda weird?

wow! I saw it and like “Noooooooooo!”:eek:

The nightmares start from now for her…she’ll be unconsolable.

not the first time. Same thing with Devers in Barcelona.

Her set is too low IMO and she’s giving away some at the start. She’s got good 100m speed. has run 11.20s

Man, i had the same reaction. As soon as she hit that hurdle 9… Gutted

I agree her start position is very low, she look very strong and powerful.

Might be because of some problem reaching H1 in position but I don’t know. Seems to cost her IMO.

Did anyone else think that Jones appears to have been looking up at the screen just before she hit the 9th hurdle?

What is the deal with Jones’ background. I saw on a local newsfeed last night that she is from a poor background, and that her family struggled financially. Does anyone no more on this?

BEIJING – The coach knew there was something wrong. He could tell sometimes by the way Lori “Lolo” Jones dressed. Or by how she no longer had the bike she rode to practice. Or by how she didn’t want to be dropped off right in front of her house when he gave her a ride home.
In a sense, Jones was homeless the first 18 years of her life in Des Moines, bouncing from apartment to apartment, school to school, because her single mother had five kids and no money for the rent. They lived a while in the basement of a church, an arrangement Jones made an effort to hide.
Her family moved so often, Jones said, that she went to a different school every year until she reached high school. Her father was in and out of jail. Her sister moved to live with a grandmother in Texas.
“I wanted to get out of poverty,” she said.
At 26, Lolo Jones has done that and so much more.

I heard Gary Reed interviewed on CBC Radio today and he was describing that his family was very poor growing up, and that they relied on food banks to keep going.

I don’t understand what relevance this has!? Why are we bothered about her poor background?! Did that have anything to do with her hitting the hurdle and losing gold?!:confused:

I agree. It is irrelevent :mad:

So is the fact that she’s totally beautiful IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel bad for Lolo, imagine all that hard training, the hours put into technique and perfection over the hurdles, the million start practices, etc, having run a great semi-final, feeling super confident, and bam, hitting the
hurdle :mad: She handled it with grace I thought, and yes, KitKat, she’s not bad on the eyes, :wink:

I agree KK. She is FINE. When I saw her so upset I wanted to go to Bejing to “console” her and give her a shoulder to cry on :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I hope she shakes this off and comes back storming. She is great for the sport. Plus, she can make a good living off of track with her skills and looks…

Who said it had to have an relevance? :confused: I just wanted to know about her background, because the news report I read mentioned it but did not give details.

Lolo is fuckin bangin. As much as I feel sorry for her, I started laughing after she hit H9. I remembered when that happened to me when I did 60m hurdles hahaha. It’s not funny when it happens to you, but it is funny when someone else does it. But goddamn Lolo is fuckin gorgeous!!

Dude, you are one serious jerk! I cant believe you could make a statement like that!

Nissan…and you are?? Don’t waste my time… Save the lame comments internet gangster! hahaha…

Ok ‘bad man’…enlighten me…what relevence does it have…?