LOL - Nice Hang Power Clean :)

I got this from the QWA site - seems to be more of them in QLD

Burwood PCYC Weightlifting Club
Country Australia
State New South Wales
Address 17 Deane Street
Burwood 2134
Contact Name Luke Borreggine / Steve Tikkanen
Phone 02 9744 0136

***************** WEIGHTLIFTING SECTION ************************

The Premier Olympic Weightlifting Club in New South Wales
for the Last 3 Decades.

80% Plus of the New South Wales State Team trains here.

Eight platforms all stocked with full sets of weights.
Low Membership Fees.
Six Weightlifting Coaches, 35+ Lifters.

Maroubra PCYC Weightlifting Club
Country Australia
State New South Wales
Address 26 Bunnerrong Road
New South Wales 2032
Contact Name John Way
Phone 02 9314 2536
Details Started in February1996.

A small club looking to expand.

yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Any good? How much?

Wouldn’t mind getting some coaching

Yeah, just a pain to get down there regularly though

LOL, a friend of mine who actually lives two suburbs down from you in Gordon trains at that Gym in Burwood 3x a week.

The gym in Burwood is probably the best Olympic lifting style gym in the country and also has world class coaching with Luca Borreggine as head coach. It costs next to nothing to train there and yearly gym membership is about 1/4 the price of regular gyms. You should check it out dude.

I hate travelling for long periods of time, wastes my energy.

Wouldn’t mind setting up a nice home gym with bumpers and all, maybe after tommorrow night’s powerball win

Then I can afford to pay this coach for private lessons at home :cool:

A friend of mine just bought a set of ex-sydney 2000 weights. Cost 8 grand for the full set.

ouch - and that’s 2nd hand price as well!

The bars are nice though