Lleyton Hewitt's sister

Jaslyn Hewitt, tennis player Lleyton Hewitt’s sister!

oh my God , they look the same!!!

(well, she’s a bit more toned :rolleyes: )

No… She’s definitely bigger!

post deleted

Did she quit tennis?

She looks a lot stronger then LIeyten, last time I saw him train, he couldn’t do one hanging dip or chin up properly. Kind of made my stomach turn given the relative earnings of tennis players compared to track athletes.

I don’t think she was a tennis player, was she?

She used to play when she was a junior, from what i know

I don’t bother with juniors… (joke :stuck_out_tongue: ) OK, thanks!

Are you sure there is a sister?? (Perhaps he has some unresolved issues)

You are a SHOCKER :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: