Live Discussion

guys here at we have a great community with great applications such as “live chat/discussion area” which is question is why we don’t use it.

for beginners to the site this would be a great starting point for the questions beginners have.i will be loggging on to the Live Discussion everytime i be online to help with any beginners quiries or questions.overall this will help the site and avoid the stupid posts’

if you have any other ideas why the live discussion area isn’t used more then tell me.feel free please.we are here to make this site enjoyable but worth your while with knowledge!!!

Yea, join the livechat for discussions. It’s interesting and you get quick feedback. Links located at the top in case you don’t know.

The live chat today was good, X-Man and Steve both had some good info and tips, but the biggest problem I’ve noticed is that when the chat is mentioned, people will be there that day and the day after, but generally not after that. If there could consistently be a time where people would be there or a scheduled “chat” and discussion time, I think there would be more use and success.

Another suggestion I think would be more information for sprinters in the 10.7-11.7 range, which I am willing to bet makes up much more than half of the sprinters on this site. The needs for these sprinters (generally in highschool) are much different than that of the elites, who’s training is what is generally talked about.


Just set one up, you can post your live chat (essentially booking a time), be sure to specify your time zone and topic. Thats it.

Enjoy it!


thanks oni and davan for the feedback.all requirements will be addressed and taken into consideration and as you see from rupert above that action has been taken already…now how fast is fast!!

anymore suggestions please feel free :slight_smile:

Yea do that I’ll try to join out?

We’re having a FROST discussion shortly. If you are interested, just say “FROST” here in this thread.

Thank you


Frost ----------