Live Chat Kicks Butt!!

Live Chat is awesome. I was on it the other night with CCardil and fritz I think. We talked for a bit, but it was just the 3 of us for the entire time, except for a short bit when Quickazhell came in.

I think it’d be cool if we had like a time during the week were we all get on at a schedualed time and have a realtime debate, or just a friendly get together to just shoot the shit. Maybe have a moderater post discussion suggestions or something. Just my thoughts (which I admit are limited at times).


We have alot of great things planned in 2005. Glad to hear you like the service.


Yaahy. I’m very happy now, Rupert. I’m all tingling with anticimapation (sp?) What other kinds of cool stuff is going on in 2005?

Edit: I feel snubbed, though… Ya’ll went to the huge amount of trouble to create the track and field forum with the individual event catagories, which is totally awesome and I practically drooled when I saw it, but Grr… 1500m section? I’ve been posting here almost 2 years and seen less than 2 threads on the 1500m ever. And how many threads on the 800? (probably 2 if you don’t count the one’s i’ve started :smiley: but still…) Anyway just ranting and raving.

I can only imagine what you can hardly wait to tel us when you get us live!

:rolleyes: If only if only, Charlie and I in a chat room. What would I say? It’d probably be “awed silence”. However, Ya’ll are probably going to exclude me from all your reindeer games, because I’ve a red nose… err a 1/2 mile PR…

can we make the online chat feature a weekly event? I think that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi Members

More on the conference here!

More info here

Hope to see you all there!


all set,
thanks rupert

anybody going in live chat?

guys i’ve been pushing the use of this great application for weeks.glad to see that some of our members are using it rather than just ignoring it.

use it and learn

Great idea but dont forget the time-difference because we all come from diffrent parts of the our globe…