liu Xiang

Anyone know how his training is like? I for one have heard that training principles are a little bit different in china. Im not a hurdler but thats just out from curiousity :smiley: Afterall he emerged outta nowhere and tied the OR.

He has been around. I remember watching him race in Fresno back in 1998 (I think it was 98’). Anyways, he was one of the top in the world then and came second to Larry Harrington who ran a 13.14 110mh race that day. They looked so smooth.

I think you are referring to Li Tong (Tony Li), who was the Asian champion and record holder in the 90’s. He went to Washington State and won the NCAA in the 90’s. Liu Xang is born in '83 and would have been 14 yrs old.