Little pop ups

My family and I have the QuikShield anti-virus software on our computer but yesterday we started to get mini pop ups in small windows that the software doesn’t seem to be able to block. Besides being annoying we’re already experiencing some of the same problems that we had before the software was installed including computer freezing. Rupert or any of the computer tech guys out there do you know of any software (preferably free but we’ll pay if we have to) that prevents these?

For Mac or PC?

I assume PC b/c I have never heard of QuikShield anti-virus software before.

Oh yeah, PC. Now everything on a page that says something like “computer” is also turning into a link with an ad if you click on it but I don’t know whether that’s related to accidentally installing something or because it comes with the new toolbar that Internet Explorer has.

try going to and getting a pop up stopper or just search for one on the internet.

Doesn’t IE have it in the app itself? like under prefs? rather than having to install a separate app.

The popup issue pete is having is easy to fix.

Download “adaware” from

Hope this helps

You need antispyware software, adaware, spybot, etc. It will check and remove all bots, spyware and other junk that has been installed under your nose from the internet.

Thanks a lot guys.

yeah, it helps, but I used to have yahoo as my homepage, but now this other crappy searchpage set itself as my startpage and when I change it and reset the PC it starts up again and goes back to that rubbish search engine.

Bloody annoying