little hercules..... IS THE MAN!!!! :mrt:

At 8 years old he is the strongest man on the face of the earth. He can bench over four times his bodyweight. Bench over 200pnds.

What the heck R they feeding him…

He started lifing weights at 2 and a half.

Yes no doubt about it. :saint:

At least no one picks on him at the playground though. :help:

Hold on did this article say he had a 1.5% bodyfat. :mrt:

Honestly though and I hate to say this. His parents or coaches should be arrested. :o

Sorry last post…could little hercules be related to pocket hercules? the turkish olympic lifter :wink:


Isn’t ‘Pocket Hercules’ the Turk who’s name is Niam Sam…? That’s what I thought, anyways. If that is true, it is funny the a Turk would be given a Greek nickname, considering how much those two groups of people ‘like’ each other.

Yes he is lol theres no fighting in the forumn gentlemen.

The trust in that poor childs eyes…

Yes but do u ever get the feeling an 8 year old could kick ur butt, I think this kid could take me down in a fight. Do you think you could take him?

Yeah sure, he’s lean, he’s well built and he benches quite a bit for his size and age. But Tim, you really think he could kick your ass? How demoralizing. :wink:

Yes he does martial arts… but seriously though. I hope he starts doing olympic lifting imagine the potential for this kid!!!

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ever get the feeling your talking to yourself!!

Hey Zoom, there’s just enough time between posts to do some rehearsal in front of the mirror :slight_smile:

This kid is going to be another Todd Marinovich. He was on the Howard Stern show this week with his trainer and doesnt look too happy. He doesnt go to school, as his trainer claimed that he is already studying at a college level. Look at every kid that goes through something like this. Need proof? Michael Jackson

UGH :mrt: